Went To Best Buy Today And HOLY SHIZA!

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Well, I went to Best Buy today to see if they had a release date somewhere near the January 17 mark and Best Buy brought up a February 1st Release Date For Diablo 3. Just saying.........sign of 17th? Seems to me a February 1st release date was given because of the speculation or maybe because Blizz wanted to give a little breathing room so as if they had to push it back again (God Forbid) it would only be a few days and Feb 1st was the tentative final back-up Release.

Or maybe I'm speculating too much. Hell, they are even taking Pre-Prders.
Because I am sure stores know better than Blizzard when the game is coming out.

I wish people would understand what a placeholder date is. It's because they have to set a date even if its not real for pre-orders. And then they edit it once Blizzard says when the release date is.
Meh, I just thought maybe it was worth mentioning. Not like I got my hopes up or anything *Twitch*

that dude is on to something. It's a lot of text, but well worth the read.
I've a;ready read it before you even posted it.
and it's all very plausible don't you think? It has a great deal more reasoning than the most likely shot-in-the-dark guess by Best Buy or any other retailer.
The zit faced poopstain that works at Best Buy knows the release date.
11/19/2011 06:05 AMPosted by tfunklol
The zit faced poopstain that works at Best Buy knows the release date.

No more than the staff at Future Shop who have the release date set for spring 2012. It's all speculation.

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