no dueling in Diablo 3?

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What if I want to engage in a consentual duel with my friend (as opposed to a random stranger found through an arena matchmaking system) This isn't an unreasonable feature to ask for. It certainly isn't an "e-sports" feature either.

This basic functionality exists in Diablo 2 and WoW. Why shouldn't it exist in D3?
I support this!
Completely okay with this.
I feel like there should be an available option for this in the Arena. Would make sense to combat with your "party members" if you all went to Arena together.
Dueling is a Diablo feature in both 1 and 2. I agree that there needs to be an easy way to duel another player in your current game.
During the question & answer session at Blizzcon, Jay Wilson said that they would like to add some type of free-form dueling (almost his exact words). He did not say anything about when. I would expect this means it would be added some time after launch, but that's just my guess.

11/19/2011 11:36 AMPosted by Sleepcakez
No one would have to make these requests if they would of left the hostility system in place from Diablo 2. Since they are implementing everything else from WoW though, you're going to find people asking for small additions like this to make up for the evident mistakes they are making.

He has also said that this will never be included in D3. If you consider this a mistake, at least now you know and can save yourself the purchase price.
I'm pretty sure we'll be able to 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, etc. with friends or party members in the PvP arena. If not, I hope so.
I do believe you will be able to make arena games, and not just queue for pvp, where you can invite friends or open it to public for people to join you for 1v1s. I don't know if it's available when the game is shipped, but they said that is something that they want to have in the game.

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