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I liked how in Diablo II people couldn't see your "build". You had your own skills and your own gear and if someone wanted some tips, you, at your own discretion could give them advice or even charge for it (whatever currency was traded at the time, runes, soj's, I guess in Diablo 3 gold is good). In WoW for example, you just got owned, now you take the build of the person who owned you (Thugmage), and you dupe it in hopes of being as good as the person who owned you (Thugmage). Because the gear in WoW is pretty much set in stone, it's not a big deal for people to copy builds since everyone would end up being geared the same or very similar. I.E. everyone at level 70 PvPing will be wearing full brutal, it's a set item that is hands down the best, but different story in Diablo. As a big fan of strategy, planning, and just plain ownage, I think that inspections should be optional, it should be a profile setting as to who can inspect your gear, and skillbar I.E. nobody, your realID friends, your friends, your party, it should have like a checkbox

I should have the option to give away my planning or not. I've never been one to look at "guides" or "builds" online, I simply look at the spells and gear combinations and make my own build then try it out and tweak as I see fit. I don't like the idea of having my build that I put so much planning and testing into duped by a lesser player that didn't put in the time to test or the thought process to plan. If you can't tell, I ONLY play RPG games for the competition. I could care less about quests or being the first to down a boss (end-game), or having the newest mount. If it doesn't benefit me in PvP, or make me richer, it's a waste of time. In Diablo 2 there was another aspect of competition, and that was the economy itself because some gear was VERY VERY hard to get, and when you got it it might not be the perfect one you want

Now, after seeing all the "oh he thinks he's so good that everyone will want to copy him" here's my response to that, my latest 2 battlegrounds in WoW. I don't want a Thugmage junior running around without my consent =D

Here's me wiping the other team carrying ours

And this one's a loss, but you can still see the clear ownage. They had more healers and more people that knew what to do

I have more screenshots if you want to see msg me. Pretty much all my battlegrounds look similar to this. Not just trying to show off, but trying to make a point. The gap between the GOOD players and the NOOBS is there for a reason. It's not the class and it's not the gear that caused these charts to look that way, but in D2 you have a lot more choices when it comes to legendary items and sets, the items that don't have the random stats like rares. In WoW after all, all level 70s should have brutal, u can get the full set for 1400 honor, and there are plenty of other mages in there.

I don't want people to see my skillbar, my items, and what runes I have in my skills. If they were worthy of it they would probably figure most of it out just by seeing me play, or by the way my character looks you sohuld be able to tell a big chunk of the gear.


I don't mean to sound "elitist" or focus really any of the discussion on me, just using myself as an example as someone who's played Diablo 2 since it came out and starcraft since 98. The one thing that made me play D2 above all was competition, in 2 ways. One in PvP, and the other in wealth. I want to be richer than the guy next to me. I'm all for the idea of sharing the achievements and banner in the profile, even the 3d model with the gear equipped, but the gear and spellbar is too much. I appreciate everyone that contributed insightful opinions, and I hope blizzard takes this suggestion into consideration. Happy thanksgiving everyone.
Agree, totally.
Agree as well.Never have liked the idea of being inspected.
Well achievements are fine, because they don't show something you can take from that person's strategy, but just items and skillbar really are what concern me. It was bad enough in WoW that you could inspect, now they're showing the skillbar too and the runes you put in it?
Why don't we all request sticky, maybe Blizz will listen. BTW Blizz I would really like a beta key =) tried on the opt-in and facebook but nothing yet what's up?
I don't care but they should have an option for those that do.
Agree. I think if a player asks to see it, you can accept.
But you shouldn't be forced to let them scope you out.
I second this!
I say leave the model of the character on the profile, but have the skillbar and actual items like greyed out with blocks or something and say HIDDEN if the player doesn't want it shown.
Diablo 3 is a loot based game (e-peen game). I'm totally fine with everyone seeing everyone's gear.
I agree as well.
It is loot-based in many ways, but the best gear is not always the hardest to find. In Diablo II some of the lower level gear was better than the higher level gear when used with the right combination of other gear and certain skills.
11/23/2011 09:15 AMPosted by Giraffasaur
Agree. I think if a player asks to see it, you can accept.<br />But you shouldn't be forced to let them scope you out.

this would be a good option, a box pops up (or some kind of notification) saying someone is requesting to view your equipment etc, and from there you can deny or accept.
In WoW, you just got owned, now you take the build of the person who owned you (Thugmage), and you dupe it in hopes of being as good as the person who owned you (Thugmage).

Seeing as you took reactive barrier i'd say you're an idiot

Much love,
I completely disagree!

Being able to see "all of this" info, sidesteps the possibility of people being jerks, and feeding mis-information about what works and what doesn't.

Let's all remember that Diablo 3 is a CO-OPERATIVE game, and that PVP is NOT going to be an supported e-sport.

Also, seeing someone's build still provides zero insight into actual gamer skill. How many exact duplicates of firemages are there in WoW? Do they all play the same, Hell no!

So relax, have some dip, everything is going to be just fine. 8)
I don't really care much if people see what i have going on. No one can do what i do better than i can ;) If someone wants to copy what i do because they think that will make them better that is fine. They will then realize that when they still suck using the same exact things i do, that it is skill. Unless you are afraid that someone will play your build better than you can, what is the big deal?
11/23/2011 09:26 AMPosted by kottonmouth
Well I just wouldn't want some pop-up coming on my screen everytime some jerk off want's to inspect me.<br /><br />otherwise.. I agree<br /><br />Either way though you know there's gonna be build's all over the place on the internet labeled as being the best build.

Let them post what they want, it's their choice but I don't want people to see what I got under the hood.

br /><br />Seeing as you took reactive barrier i'd say you're an idiot<br /><br />Much love,<br />Parks[/quote]

Go find something else to do if you're not gonna add to the discussion, child.

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