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everyone needs to go to


and vote for d3. ive been checking out the comments they have down at the bottom and there are sooooo many for freakin halo...

i know theres a lot of console gamers out there... we need to beat them damnit
11/28/2011 07:28 PMPosted by Brandon
we need to beat them damnit

Why? It proves nothing.
Voted too. Still doesn't prove anything.
11/28/2011 07:32 PMPosted by MortQ
Voted too. Still doesn't prove anything.<br />

If Diablo III wins we can celebrate and talk about how awesome our game is because it won an award @ Spike VGA, it just adds to the awesomeness which is Diablo.
Voted like 6000 times <_<
Bioshock: Infinite
-Never heard of this until now.

Diablo III
-Would be nice if it won, but it won't.

Halo 4
-Sadly enough I see this is a #1 or 2 spot, not because I will play it, but because Halo has a big fanbase. Even though the last 2 games were garbage.

Mass Effect 3
-I think this will probably win. ME players seem to really like the game. I've never played it.

The Last Guardian
-What is this? Never heard of it. Not to mention you're including a new IP in a contest with other games on their 3rd and 4th installment? I don't think so.

E: All that said, I will vote, but I probably will never hear who wins unless it is D3. Don't really care what spike TV thinks the most anticipated game is.
11/28/2011 07:31 PMPosted by MortQ
Why? It proves nothing.

why not? it doesnt not prove anything

edit- and laws i think youre gonna be right though, but heck if this convinces the forum people here to go and click and increase the chances of d3 getting it, might as well right?
I thought Halo 3 was the last in the series? What happened?
Halo 3 was the last chapter for Master Chief by Bungie. The series is basically being brought back to the MC story by Microsoft's newer studio, 343 Industries. There was a big trailer reveal and what not at E3.
Its the 5-6th time i vote, remember to check in daily to vote the maximum amount of times.

Mass Effect 3
-I think this will probably win. ME players seem to really like the game. I've never played it.
I'm a huge Mass Effect fan, but even I voted for Diablo 3...
Halo is going to win and its sad. This was the most over-hyped series in gaming until CoD. I mean they just released an anniversary game 2 weeks ago and Halo: Reach came out a year and half ago. Where is the anticipation in that? And we have been waiting patiently over a decade, how does D3 not win by that virtue alone? This is game is definition of anticipation.

Even though we might troll each other and sometimes be down right mean to other players in this community but god dammit at least we appreciate the quality that Blizzard puts into their games and don't buy mainstream console hype.

Im pretty sure everyone on these forums has enough self respect not to vote for that piece garbage, so do your duty and vote D3.

Because this game is going to be masterpiece and it would be a shame if it lost to something like Halo and all the console kiddies.
Computer games i play - Blizzard games (except WoW)

Console games i play - FIFA, Halo, CoD.

Other games - Pokemon Red version.

If either Diablo or Halo wins i'll be happy :D
11/28/2011 07:32 PMPosted by MortQ
Voted too. Still doesn't prove anything.
11/29/2011 01:30 AMPosted by Ðust
Besides, most Halo'ers never leave their consoles or game interface to use those boring computers anyway. Diablo III will most certainly win hands down due to our computer savvy demographic.

your logic is good (no sarcasm here, it really makes sense) only thing is the comments below the vote were mostly people saying they voted for halo. since there are multiple votes allowed per IP, hopefully your logic is right and the consolers just voted once and us on our computers click click click click click... like we learned from diablo!!

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