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I know people have tried this before, but why not... Today is my bday. I would like to contribute to the beta, but cannot without the beta. I know this is a QQ, but I figure that it was worth a shot :). Easy on the hatez peeps :).
Happy Birthday!
It was mine this week too, didn't get any beta ^^

Bday =/= deserving more than others to get the beta

happy bday btw, and if I'm replying to this it's just because I know this was a joke thread and you were not that serious about it like many others haha
Happy birthday. Why do we celebrate the day we came out of our mothers .....
11/30/2011 02:21 PMPosted by Elusional
Why do we celebrate the day we came out of our mothers .....

Being born into this world is kind of a big deal, I hear.

If you don't think so, you're either trying to sell something or being exceptionally ignorant.
Happy Birthday.

Mine's the week after next.

I don't expect my wife to get me anything, why would I expect Blizzard to?
howd i know u were gunna ask for beta before reading past the title?
I don't celebrate my birthday, but I do celebrate my awareness day 94 days before my birthday!
You were born today? Happy to you & wow you're a fast learner... Look at you, already typing & making sentences & stuff.

Yay! Happy Birthday to you!
It's also Mark Twain's birthday but he didn't get into beta either.
(Apparently being alive is a requirement, who would have guessed?)
its my birthday today as well... i don't got a beta key either. not for lack of trying mind you... i entered the facebook contest within 5 min of it going live and i have been an opt in for since before star craft 2 beta was announced. i also applied as a QA tester for blizzard and insomniac games. and have have been beta testing games for over 3 years. 1 of which me and a friend finally successfully reproduced multiple times after the devs had been trying to do so for two weeks.AND i don't have a key either.. so yeah its my birthday too.

pity none of this actually helps get me a key...
Happy escape from the womb day! Or if you are a politically correct type of person, Happy Womb Emancipation Day!
Happy Birthday! I hope your wishes come true.

And another great year. At hope least you can soon play the full version of Diablo III
Congratulations on maintaining your fleshy biological machine for another full rotation of the earth around the sun.
Happy Birthday!

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