no comment from blizz on 15th anniversary?

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that seems kinda strange. being that blizzard had the wrong date listed on their legacy website (december 31st) and quickly changed it to november 30th today, is it possible that they forgot to put together a PR bit?

if so, thats kinda funny :)
December 31, 1996 is the release date?
Actually, I'm not trolling.

Link to confusion on blizzard stating the wrong release date on their legacy site:

Current date for release of Diablo 1 on legacy website : (November 30th)
Um... I just went to that link and it says December 31st for me... also according to Bashiok's twitter, this:

@YannSmirnoff We maintain that the first Diablo was officially released on December 31, 1996.

Link shows the release date as December 31st to me as well.
Nov. 30 may have been the officially announced release date that was planned, but it definitely did not come out before Christmas. This much I remember.

Obviously at this point most game sites aren't going to remember that the game did not actually come out on its planned release date, many people working for them now were probably in diapers after all.

The way back machine showing Blizzard's old site in Dec. 1996 talking about Diablo coming soon(tm) should be proof enough that it did not come out in November.
Or they are trying to show you that when they delay a game, it doesn't always get delayed for very long. Perhaps a tongue in cheek release date potential for Diablo 3 by saying expect it a month after the end of the year without actually saying it.

Not saying that this is the case, but it seems an interesting coincidence.
Another clue in this mystery. Gamespot had an archived website on Dec. 30 1996 with a news headline saying "Diablo Goes Gold".

Pretty sure between this, and the archived Blizzard home page on December 20 1996 commenting that Diablo wasn't out yet, it's pretty safe to say that the Nov. 30 date that most gaming websites have is incorrect.
The plot thickens.

Someone get a knife.

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