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I would really like to see the Cooldown implemented in the way that you have described it.

Not really a fan of a weekly reset; promotes too much hoarding like you said.
From a technical perspective, if Blizzard does weekly maintenance, WoW-style, on D3, then a weekly refresh would probably be easier and more convenient.

However, if Blizzard intends on trying to avoid regular maintenance, your cooldown idea would likely be less strain on the servers.

In fact, a very low-strain solution would be to make each posting cooldown reset in the early hours of the morning after the cooldown (measured in days in this implementation) expires, similar to WoW daily quests. When fewer players are running around is a good time for servers to get up and stretch a bit.
I'm on boat with you Jacka, I'd love to see a cooldown instead of weekly reset.
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If you do the weekly reset you get more free postings. And you can sit on all 3 for a whole week before you use them. With cool downs you'd want to use them as fast as possible... if you keep them for a few days that's another few days you have to wait for more... I'm a fan of more free listings. Min/Max post end.
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