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Just like the title says... name one thing you like about what blizzard is doing in Diablo III, it can from beta or something that is expected in the main game.
The thing that I like best about Diablo III is that they are adding voice chat to the main game. I really wish they would have had voice chat support in D2, but I am glad they are adding it to Diablo III.

P.S. Keep it simple and clean,no need for trolls or flamers.
Unique names
16+ player games
true pking
hardcore without safety nets
awesome graphics

oh wait woops thats the opposite of what you asked

wizard and deamon hunter
More slots for equipments
Seems to have a lot more waypoints
world map seems awesome
the graphics
the hope i have for special quests (like the Secret cow level or the special quests in A5 with Ubers in D2)

i hope its going to be 4 full acts (i think A4 in D2 was too short, you think after A3 you are at 75% of the story but there were only 3 quests...)


skill tree
Skill system (with runes)
All of it.
LOVE the streamlined statistics. Still looking forward to seeing the rest of the well designed combat mechanics.
LOVE the skill system.
LOVE the monk theme.
ACCOUNT BASED artisans & stash!!

Utterly beautiful user interface.
There are way too many things to pick one favorite. Here are a few though
-Shared Stash and shared artisans
-Beautiful highly detailed environments
-Dyes to change gear color
-Coop oriented
-PvP in Arenas only
-Auto gold pick up
-Six assignable skill slots
-Color: Perfect balance of dark yet still enjoyable to watch.
-Mechanics and environment interaction.

LOL I could keep going but I'm already longer than originally planned. Love the game and the way Blizz decided to take it.

Two complaints though are the way the Male Demon Hunter runs and the pure ugliness of the Female Barbarian.
What I like: Almost everything
What I don't like: Followers and that it's not called "Bashiok's Magical Unicorn Adventure". Seriously Blizzard, make that game. I will be the first in line to buy it.
Only one? Thats pretty hard....


I actually love -everything- about D3.

From Graphics to the new skills to the custimazation to the crafting to the new gems .... everything.
A few of my favorite features:

  • trillions of skill/rune/passive combinations to try out, without releveling every time

  • multiple crafting venues

  • separate venues for PvE and PvP

  • item sets that can be completed and used before you outlevel them

Cloudshaker & Halmstad: trolls who can't post constructively on a thread's topic. You're welcome to go start a "what I don't like" thread, you know. It will fit right in with all the other complaint threads on everything you guys listed.
The game to me seems like a large step back, wasn't it that made diablo and starcraft popular really? and they decided to go with some xbox 360 online interface.

I personally like interacting with people, but everything in the game seems to not want me to actually do that from the RMAH and no chat channels to arena PvP. Why couldn't we have a lobby system similar to Dota 2?

Anyways, i did really like the idea of the unattuned rune system, but from the lastest posts they may be going in a completely different direction.
I do really like the crafting system as well, not sure why a jeweller can't make a ring or amulet, but I'm sure that will be added.
Dyes are a nice thing to have.
shared stash makes it so i don't have to log into a mules and transfer stuff which is nice.
that i will be able to dye all my gear pink...dont judge me
Shared stash.. nuff said
Shared Stash
Simplified Skill Progression
PvP Arena
Crafting Progression
User Interface
11/30/2011 08:58 AMPosted by Corigoth
the pure ugliness of the Female Barbarian.

Quite possibly one of the ugliest playable/integral female character in video games. Ever.

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