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There is a skull with horns at the bottom of the forum page with a blue gem; if you click it, it turns a glowing purple. I realize the question is a little weird, but is there any purpose for it?
That's the chat gem. All we can say is that it's working as intended.
There is one at the top of the page as well. If you manage to click both at the same time using the mouse...nothing really happens.
Thanks for the clarification, I felt dumb asking but it needed answers haha
i'm pretty sure if you go to the skill calculator and press the gem at the bottom it makes a random build, its a tribute to d2 because there was a chat gem that did absolutely nothing
Ahh, I don't recall ever discovering that gem in D2 but if so, that's a nice little easter egg
And boy what a purpose it was, definitely worked if people are talking about it 10 years later.
12/09/2011 11:21 AMPosted by Velganice
Ahh, I don't recall ever discovering that gem in D2 but if so, that's a nice little easter egg

Not true, if you clicked it many many times it would say something in chat...though I dont remember what off the top of my head. Something about the cow level I think.
Click on it until it says "Perfect gem activated" you will get something awesome :o
If enough people spam click it at the same time, you bring down the forums. GO!
The Chat gem is performing as intended. Also at the top of the page Click the Demon Head, especially when combined with the chat gem....and no they do nothing but infuriate the fans.

But yeah, click the demon head at top of page, I made near Identical thread about the Demon head a few nights ago, trippy stuff.

Actually use them with the skill calc.. You get a random selection if you are on that screen
That's kind neat, if not creepy at the same time... I've never noticed it until you brought it up!
Working as intended.
Every time you click it, the release date gets pushed back 1 day. That is why it has been 10 years plus change since d2 was released. Actually.
Edited for spam.
C'mon guys, everyone knows that clicking the chat gem prior to starting an online game in Diablo 2 creates a gem shrine... somewhere... 100% of the time everytime... when the time is right.

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