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The people who made diablo 2 have not worked for blizzard for almost a decade. The new generation of gamers cry to much. They don't want the unexpected joy of teaming up and killing a griefer.<br /><br />But you know what I would not be surprised if there is a true pvp realm. But it would be lame anyways with only 4 ppl max per game.
Rallying cry of the griefer. He's actually doing you a service by coming in to ruin your game. Send thanks and flowers for the value he brings to the community.
11/30/2011 05:50 AMPosted by Mith

You can, and they didn't. Most of us are assuming the OP is referring to ganking people in the regular game environment.

You know what they say about assumption.

A pithy saying that says nothing in this instance. The OP was brief to the point of guaranteed ambiguity, and seems to have already abandoned his own thread, so guessing what he meant is about all we can do. If you want to say something relevant to his actual question, feel free.
controlled PVP (i.e. Arena) leads to less grief about PVP. :) IMO
11/30/2011 09:27 AMPosted by Verlant
controlled PVP (i.e. Arena) leads to less grief about PVP. :) IMO

Totally agree I think it would be more fun to go into a fight knowing there was going to be a fight. Killing some random lowbie is only fun for the sadistic 14 year old who teabags you in halo.
PvP in D2 was terrible. Arena is much better. If you want to kill people, do that.

Do they have a 1v1 arena? That might be cool.
Because they want people to pvp on a balanced playing field.
People are going to hack, and eventually find a new way to grief in HC. Whether it be a new TPPK or some other variation. Blizzard has just coded the game as to prevent this from being a possibility. Dont like it? TS. The HC community was non-existent past normal difficulty because of dumba$$ PKers. Nobody wants that. Besides dumba$$ PKers anyways.
Pking is like twinks in wow slightly amusing but only people that are not very good prefer it over arena.

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