How do skills work with weapon's added damage

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I'm new to the beta and had a question about a weapon's added elemental damage and how it works with a character's skill damage.

Example: My Demon Hunter has dual crossbows, one dealing an extra 4 cold damage and the other 6 arcane. Evasive Fire deals 115% damage, so does the extra elemental damage get added on (and does the cold effect still work)? Same question goes for Rapid Fire.

Thanks for the responses!
Hopefully some one knows the definitive answer to this because I'm wondering as well. Since it is included in each weapons DPS shown, it will make a huge difference in calculating skills later when weapons add huge elemental damage.
I did a little play testing and here are my results. (If someone has come to a different conclusion please chime in.)

I'll use DH examples:

- For skills like Hungering Arrow and Implale you do an overal percentage of "weapon damage". It looks like the elemental effects work (monsters are visibly killed with arcane damage etc).

- Rapid Fire deals "weapon damage as physical". Here I don't see any additional elemental effects, it's all physical damage with the arcane and cold damage included in the total damage done. Same goes for skills dealing strictly fire damage (Bola Shot and Elemental Arrow).

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