Rune affixes explain?

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How will the rune affixes merge when you are combining them to a high level rune?

Will it change randomly ?

For example:

rank 6 rune
with a +8% crit affix

and you go to combine it with a

rank 6 rune
with a + 5% attack speed

What would be the end result?

would you get a rank 7 rune
+8% crit
+5% attack speed


would it be randomized and you would get a rank 7 rune with affixes
1%- 100% crit
1% - 15% attack speed

Even the blues (and devs) don't know how the final rune system works yet. Most likely the best answer will be given when they announce the rune system or when the game guide is updated to include them.

Sorry, that's all we got right now.
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