Gems vs Enchanting?

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I'm looking at the Artisans, and I can't help but think that Gems is kinda redundant.

Gems are theoretically harder to get to max rank, yet have a smaller bonus.

Example using "Attack" attribute:
Radiant Star Ruby = +58 attack. That 1 bonus and nothing else.

Enchanting for attack:
Shoulder = +257 attack
Ring = +257 (x2) attack
Leg = +257 attack
Boots = +257 attack

My main issue with it:
Enchanting is quite varied, and quite powerful.
Gems have 1 of 2 attributes active. Half of those are covered by Enchanting at a far lesser value. The "Helm" bonus is the only real customization that you can expect with gems.

Metaphorically, it's kinda like bringing your car to get re-painted, and then visiting another shop after your paint job is done, to get another shade applied.

They need a 3rd artisan that doesn't have a redundant role.
Well if you can socket 4 gems in an item

58 x 4 = 232

its somewhat balanced...

but if you can only socket once in an item, then i think your right.
Well it's also important to mention that you can add sockets to helms, pants, belts, and shields. Only pants can receive an enhancement, out of the 4 things you can socket. I do agree that they seem a bit redundant now though. I'm also disappointed by the lack of additional elemental damage from gems that are added to weapons (you just get attributes now)... feels a little lame. I'm also sad that saphires and diamonds are gone (I like collecting gems lol).

I'm also curious about sockets in general. Originally they said that any item could have a chance to have sockets. And they made it sound as if every item had to roll their affixes, and then they had a separate roll to determine whether or not it could have a socket. However, the way they've worded sockets recently, makes it seem that sockets are now simply just one of the affixes on an item. Which is kind of lame, because all it's doing is giving us control over 1-4 attributes, while taking away from the affix we would have otherwise had. Before it seemed like you could get all of your normal affixes AND get sockets - which would have been awesome. I'm sure it's just a balance thing though, or just miscommunication.
Assuming it works as described on the front page, and how they've described it multiple times in the past, the page isn't displaying the Enhancements properly.

The way the system was first described was that Enhancements would have a random range when applied, but you could re-apply the Enhancement to roll a new number that would be guaranteed to be higher than whatever was currently on there. So that 257 Precision to a Ring might actually take 4-5 applications to get up to that max.
Relative to the other artisans, the jewelcrafter seemed the most disappointing. To me, she just looked more repetitive, and her list of recipes seemed thinner than the other two.
12/09/2011 09:52 PMPosted by Mith
As I recall it was never guaranteed to be higher. Just that when you reroll, you cannot ever go down. Might just be an interpretation of the wording.
The example Jay gave initially (this was back at the RMAH event in July) was similar to yours except for the "stay the same" bit. He was reasonably clear that you would never waste your materials with it. I seem to recall something about a second "gain value" but that might have been an idea they were kicking around.

What my (admittedly faulty) memory is telling me is that there's the application range, we'll stick with 1-100, but then re-application would be a range of +1-20. Of course in the last six months they may have decided that a system like that, while interesting, is both hard to explain and a nuisance while leveling.

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