Blizzard will take over the world.

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I was following Bashiok on his way to work in a totally non-stalkerish way and a scrap of paper fell out of his pocket. I picked it up to return it to him, but then I saw it was labeled "super top secret plan.txt" so I had to take a look.
Inside there was an ascii drawing of Mike Morhaime diving into a pile of money, sort of like this:

further down had these instructions

Step 1: Make ground breaking advancements on popular genre (diablo 1) - complete
Step 2: Re-invent popular genre, while continuing story line from step 1 (diablo 2) - complete
Step 3: Create "3rd party" organizations that trade digital items for real currency ( - complete
Step 4: Advance what has now become a legacy in genres, capturing the majority of the market (diablo 3) - in progress
Step 5: Monetize the controversial "3rd party" item store, making it widely acknowledged and accepted as standard
Step 6: Create in game currency linked to real currency, giving it real value.
Step 7: Once real value of in game currency has been established, untie in game currency with real currency, giving the similar standard of a new country.
Step 8: Plot devilishly
Step 9: Watch as the US dollar crumbles
Step 10: Laugh because we now own a currency more valuable than the US
Step 11: Profit as the leading global economy.

And that was it.
Is this real life?
Doesn't matter

Had Diablo 3

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