4 lines of rhyme

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Endless tides upon the silted shore.
Blood drips from a wound, fresh and vibrant.
Gullsongs echo that death must lead to more.
They sail away, leaving my barrow silent.
The forums are like porridge, too hot and too cold,
Like momma bear, they scare and they scold,
If you're bold they fold, the words are foretold,
Like kobolds in caves these knaves can not behave
Its a pity the tree is no more,
I have been crying alone on the floor,
Never mind I will pick up my floopy disc,
If only they'd bring back my Drysc.
Druid and Witch Doctor:

Tomorrow came early as some may have guessed
Today is the day that our heroes will test
One life or two both hang in the balance
The trial before them offer slim chance.

Pleading with Gods their departures await
Prepare to leave Arreat with provisions and grace
Our Druid and Doctor with whole hearts reveal
The fears which their armor so easily conceal.

The stone of the world destroyed by Tyrael's hand
Burden the minds of these powerful men.
These secrets at some point must be recorded
For now, though, they take courage since Baal is dead.

Through blinding snow and and desert heat
Our heroes make a quick retreat
To the Jungles of Torajan their course has been set
To learn from the Doctors and disclose Arreat.

The scalding heat and searing sun
Test the sanity of these two men
Sniffing the sky and embracing the earth
The winds from the West chill the air round about them

The circle of life lending assistance cascade
Sending its creatures for protection and aid
The wolves and bear approach slowly with caution
Appearing silently and awaiting instruction.

The Doctor takes watch while calling his helpers
So quickly they answer it startles the others.
"Rest and relax for tomorrow brings fear
The great evil that resides in the woods is near"

With the Jungle in sight
And night nearly upon them
Preparations are made
To engage in the morn


To be continued... (Bed Time)
Nice Josh!

Cain hadn't even crossed my mind, but you nailed it!
Checked my mail, just got some spam
Don't know who the heck they think I am
Feeling kinda down, feeling kinda sh**ty
I think I'll go play some Arkham City
With Death Rays and Comets,
And Lightnings that Fork,
Even Time is my Ally.
I am no mere Sorc.
HIC...I wanna tell ya sumthin', 'cause I know all about this stuff. It's my specialty. This here is the best... theeeee best! That other ale ain't no good since those stupid dogs... HIC...
To the Waiters who are waiting who just can't wait
Checking the formus, spamming F5, and staying up late
Untold are the hours before the release night
Fret not! Soon there will be another beta invite!
Legions of hell spawn rise up from the floor,
Alight is your weapon and doubts of rolling hardcore,
As clouds of poison rain down compounding the peril,
-Oh wait, go back, did I just miss a barrel?
China is the most excited for the release
They will be play 'till their arms spasm
Playing all day until sweat reaches their crease
The gold farmers RMAH orgasms
you can't win friends with salad
you can't win friends with salad
you can't win friends with salad
you can't win friends with salad

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