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♦♣♠♥ Grug's Late Night Thread ♥♠♣♦
Does your posting schedule not match the majority of the community? Do you enjoy discussing and debating Diablo 3 into the wee hours of the morning? Well, fellow night-owls, this is your spot. Because the night isn't over until you say so!

Tonight's topic is Bosses. Bosses are special enemies fought during story events, such as Jondar and the Skeleton King. What bosses or encounters would you like to see in Diablo 3? What do you think Diablo will be like? Any fond memories of bosses in previous games?

Also, I provide the following link as a special treat: http://www.explosm.net/comics/2637/
Caution, other comics on that site may be inappropriate for some readers.
I hate to sound like a WoW fanboy, because I'm not, but I wouldn't mind seeing phases in the act boss fights just to keep it interesting. All I really want from my boss fights is complexity; in the past you could down a boss so long as you had a little initiative and a book full of town portal scrolls. I want bosses to have their health reset if you die fighting them. Make it tough.

I would love to see bosses on the whole get a lot more difficult. While I do not have the beta, it seems they're as easy as ever from the videos I see. The first thought when a player sees a unique creature shouldn't be "yay free loot" so much as "I should be a bit more careful." Maybe make rares despawn if they kill you? I know blizz really wants to make the game accessible, but that isn't the same as making everything super easy. I don't feel we should have to be playing on an elevated difficulty before we experience any sort of challenge.

Back in the 80s and 90s, millions of people played Mario despite only a few thousands actually beating the game- I would love to see this mindset return to gaming.
can you flee a boss fight once you initiate combat in D3?
I have not followed any speculation or lore based stuff for this game as I would like to experience it all first hand, so I don't even know if any of this is viable.

But I feel like I will have to fight corrupted Tyrael. I'm hiding my reasons why because it probably won't happen and I don't want to sound stupid, but we never really got to fight angels other than Izual. I feel like the Angiris Council is going to come into play heavily later on.

As for memorable bosses? The Summoner isn't so memorable for me as the Arcane Sanctuary that he resided was. I really hope there is at least one somewhat lengthy zone that follows a similar Escher style as the Arcane Sanctuary did.

Side note, it would be sweet if you could type something like "/players 8" to make the game tougher. I know the max players is 4, but the capability of increasing the difficulty if you want (getting better drops, and whatnot like in D2) was available and awesome.

Also, I agree with Robotgravy about phases. The make boss fights more interesting, it would be great to introduce phases. I wouldn't chalk that up to sounding like a WoW fanboy, as he put it, since most games now-a-days have phases. So you're fighting a giant gellatinous-cube-demon-thing. Hurt him enough and he splits into smaller ones that do different things. Or you're fighting a fallen angel. Hurt him enough and he takes out his wings, changing the game and giving him a form of levitation/flight.
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Any fond memories of bosses in previous games?

Ah, this reminds me of a true story.

There was a day when my brother and I were enjoying a run-through of Cathedral level 3 on my Sorcerer and his Warrior-- The Skeleton King's lair, we were in.

We slayed through waves of demons and skeletons without hindrance, rummaging through barrels and loot on the way.

Suddenly we came across a room... a rare spawn lied in wait. My brother and I convened in thought.

"Let's get him!" we said.

We rushed in, full charge to slay this worthy foe-- then, suddenly, a door to our right had flung open. It was King Leoric and his skeletal army! A trap, we found ourselves in!

Leoric had us surrounded with his army pouring in. Leoric continued to circle the room. It was I who had his attention. My brother managed to reach the doorway, but I was caught in the gaze of Leoric and his army. I frantically fired swarms of charged electricity in all directions to stave off the assault.

Leoric though... Leoric pushed forth. Death seemed imminent Yet just as the fearsome Skeleton King lurked forth to swing for my head-- a glimmer of hope, I saw. My previous attempt at slaying and countering the prominent army had left a cut path in the back.

Immediately, I dashed forward, heading for the gap in the army. Success! Now circling the army was I-- army following. Using his own army against him, I dodged Leoric, dashed through the entrance of the room and reconvened with my brother.

A moment of relief we had, but it was not over. Leoric and his army quickly poured after us, but we were ready now. In an immediate counter, both my brother and I laid forth a final assult.

Finally, King Leoric and his army have found rest; and we have found victory.

Yes, this actually happened. Was one of the most hilarious and epic times I ever had with the game. I still love playing D1. The AI always seemed better in D1 than in D2, for some reason. lol
Bosses I would love to see:

The Butcher

I hope at least one of these badass mo'fo's is in D3 :)
At least 3 of them are.
I recall a long time ago someone (prob jay) saying they were planning to make the bosses more zelda-esque puzzle type things. Rather than hey this guy hits harder and has more health than the last guy.
This might be me misinterpreting what I see, but it seems a lot of the Diablo content is pulled from H.P. Lovecraft's books.

I wouldn't be surprised if more of the boss encounters reference Lovecraft's creations. The man was crazy... and I mean that in the good way!

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