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Okay D3 Community, Just got the new comp installed, everything working just fine...except one dang thing which is why I am asking for you guys help. Got a wireless network adapter today for the desktop, installed it and everything just as it said (and also on my laptop as a control) . Well once it was done and I restarted the comp, it cant find ANY networks at all.

Now I did the same with my laptop and the thing finds like all the networks within the whole block almost, same location, with the same adapter and only the adapter. I have been trying to figure this out for hours and honestly, I'm stumped v.v So anyone have any ideas why this thing is doing this?
Check your monitor.
-.- what the crap does any of this have to do with my monitor
What make/model of the adapter did you get?
12/30/2011 11:48 PMPosted by SnuSnu
What make/model of the adapter did you get?

Belkin N150 Wireless usb Adapter


just confused how its working perfect on one thing but on my new desktop it doesn't pick anything up at all

Windows 7, and hmm I will try that brb a minute or two to check that out.
Okay 0.0 apparently it was corrupted when it first installed lit, found that exclamation thing popped up an said something like device corrupt or something, uninstalled it, reinstalled, an now it can connect. Thanks for helping!
Hell yea Liatany. +5 points

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