What Will Happen Today? (Release Date?)

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It's not going to be released until late February at the earliest, they aren't releasing it on a special date, they're releasing it when it's done. I don't know how many times Blizzard has said that ...
12/31/2011 02:20 AMPosted by SteelCent
I think the majority of blizzard employees will visit the liquor store today if they haven't already. I too, will visit the liquor store. Than as midnight nears, me, blizzard folk, and much of the world will start drinking in celebration of a new year.
Who starts drinking at midnight? That's silly.
I doubt it but like the Spike VGAs I was hopeful.
I doubt it but like the Spike VGAs I was hopeful.

You're just preparing yourself for disappointment than...

I should clarify - I strongly doubted they were going to announce a date at the VGAs simply because it is not Blizzard's style but was hopeful nonetheless. Didn't surprise me in the end.
im gettin drunk. then this web site will cease to be important till i go back to work n get bored :p. and the exciting news will be: diablo lunchbox with thermos.
you heard it here first, kiddies.
Nuffin' yet. Think Blizz are out enjoying themselves.
Today, nothing. Monday maybe something. Hopefully many more beta invites and a release date. Probably some sort of artwork contest or something like that :P
Nothing. Didn't expect anything either.

They haven't even put a 15 year anniversary message on the front of the site...

A few tweets and that was about it.

It appears we are more excited about the anniversary...

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