The true end boss for Diablo 3?

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It's a face we've seen before.

His followers are endless.

An enemy that strikes fear into their prey.

An enemy who's servants number in the thousands, powered by dark shaman magic.

He was defeated once. But no death is eternal….for the fallen.

It will be over before you even see it coming. As you draw your final breaths, the last thing you will hear from the shadows, will be his name.
And that end boss is....Impatience!

Oh wait it's azmodan.
Osama Bin Laden?
Rick Astley?
Captain Planet

is the true boss of D3
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01/02/2012 10:14 PMPosted by Bluspacecow

That certainly would be terrifying :o
yeah i made it too easy heh. But lore wise you kind of have to explain why the little bugger would be back. but lore wise it would make perfect sense to see him again, the fallen are most certainly capable of raising their own. :)

Honestly I just hope he's in D3, somewhere, anywhere. it just makes too much sense. Act 1 would be a good fit too. The fallen star is about as close as you can get to shaman magic, raising the dead and what not. The crash site is near old tristam. Surely the fallen have to be out there, harnessing it's power to bring back their master no?
I still say a giant purple dinosaur would be a TRUELY terrifying end boss :D
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except that his singing would crit all demons and angels alike for 2135363432153645635 damage. A being so terrifying they actually put their differences aside to seal it away. A prison he cannot be released from without keys from both the angels and the demons side, that simply is never going to happen. The demons want vengeance and hell on sanctuary, not mass suicide :)
This thread is epic! =D

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My mind...


*Repeated echo of "NOOOOO..."*

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Diabaalphisto --- Lords of Terdeshate.

It's Chuck Norris.
I think it's obvious... Panda Diablo.

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