The true end boss for Diablo 3?

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The black soul stone will somehow fall into the wrong hands about midgame, you will search for it for an act or two, some demon will use it to either become super duuper powerful, or it will ressurect the 3 prime evils and you will have a final showdown eventually destroying the black soulstone and closing hell for good.

I just made this up, but if it actually plays out like this..... YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST!! lol =P
Final boss is a big demonic cute, but so deadly. Sloths, the gatekeepers of hell.




dare i say.... farnham the drunk
its edward and jacob in some disgusting twisted sparkling wolf combination.
01/02/2012 10:47 PMPosted by Jahramiah
It's Chuck Norris.

Impossible to beat. They would implement this guy in inferno when we start beating it with our eyes closed.

Wrong game?
Homer Simpson
The Seven Horsemen
01/02/2012 10:13 PMPosted by KaRnAgE

Lol, that was great
So what you are saying is that Clay Aiken will be the final boss...............*shudders*
I'm hoping it's Justin Beiber. I really want to kill him.
Elements of the final Act including the last boss are already known. Let's just say Blizz's new lore fascination with The Dragon (The Prime Evil) might come into play. And they didn't give a tour of Heaven in the Book of Cain for the lulz.

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