Wow.... I just got into Beta......

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Amazing... I almost given up all hope already....

Then I just checked my mail and the beta mail popped up....

Anyways... still really glad that I got in right before New Year's Eve!! =)
January 1, 2012.

The user Karakuri has died of starvation due to excessive game playing before new years.

Here's an example, but from another game.

I thought the game only last 1 hour or so? XD

EDIT: I did spent quiet a long time in Skyrim over the holidays!
That game is crazy! Let's hope D3 is even better!
I am the original topic poster by the way.
q.q someday they'll pick me, someday.
Thanks and Good luck to you all!

I entered all the contest too... Twitter, Facebook, etc

In fact, I am not sure which of them won me Beta...
Congrats :)
Good for you, you lucky son of a gun! unfortunately, for the rest of us, we only have one day left before the end of the world!
Congrats man. hopefully i can get the same luck as you. thats awesome
And then....Beta Ends!
12/30/2011 08:03 PMPosted by Aldhogg
And then....Beta Ends!

I can't wait for the BETA to end. That'll mean a full release.

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