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♦♣♠♥ Grug's Late Night Thread ♥♠♣♦
Does your posting schedule not match the majority of the community? Do you enjoy discussing and debating Diablo 3 into the wee hours of the morning? Well, fellow night-owls, this is your spot. Because the night isn't over until you say so!

Tonight's topic is the Archivist, Diablo 3's sixth class. Read all about him here:
The Archivist is my new favorite class! Certain fans have known about him for a while, and it's nice that we can finally share with the rest of the community. What do you like most about him? Does Lorenado seem too overpowered? What do you think the female version will look like?

Also, I'm taking suggestions for tomorrow night's topic. It should be something special on account of New Year's Eve being a holiday celebrating late nights and staying up.
lol awesome.
Archivist OP
Isn't tomorrow supposed to be the 15th anniversary of Diablo as well? I think bash tweeted something about it.
Not the 6th class.. more like last years April Fools.
12/30/2011 11:09 PMPosted by LitanyofHate
Not the 6th class.. more like last years April Fools.

I am pretty sure Grug was aware of that. I believe it's supposed to be a humorous topic.
Bingo, although I'm sad the joke got spoiled so quickly.

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