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Dear Blizzard.

As an avid fan, I truly think the thing that would start the new year off the best would be for you to give everyone a release date at midnight tonight.

I will probably won't see it until I wake up the next morning, hung over from the festivities of the new year, but you should definitely still consider this extraordinary option.

Dear Architect,

I'm sure Blizzard is enjoying New Years, not working.

Let's let them enjoy their holidays.

I'm sure blizzard would also love to wake up hung over.

You seem like a selfish person, Architect.

Dear Ninjarawrior,

You sound slightly upset.

It's just an avid fan releasing some steam. He wants his game.

dear nerds shutup
dear everyone who was stupid enough to say dear,
plz stop trolling and making this guy feel bad im tired of freakin setbacks too
love, the guy that bushwhacked some bushwhackers
Dear Solodarityx

why are you such an angry little man?

PS: to everyone else Happy New Year ya crazy kids!

Sincerely yours

Chuck mothafunkin nasty
Dear Santa,

I like Pineapples

That is all.
daer blizard,

i cant ses straight and i wanna play diablo 4 already ok


edit L; happy nwer year
dear blizzard,

im a one-armed man, please enable more mouse button-usage
Dear Blizzard,

I like squirrels

12/31/2011 07:36 PMPosted by Trofl
im a one-armed man, please enable more mouse button-usage

I LoL'd
Why does everyone keep putting an animal before someones name and state a phrase?

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