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Any one else feeling like the General Discussion Forum has become a bit stale? I mean, I think we've debated it all folks and with no new news in over a week, I'm kind of bored.

Feel like there's something else I can put in here, but I got nothing.
ummmmmm.... Pandas™
What are the best beta gameplay videos on youtube?
12/30/2011 03:41 PMPosted by Pleasuredome
What are the best beta gameplay videos on youtube?

This is the best I've found so far
the current topic of interest are...

1. diablo anniversary date and the myserious fun announcement a week after that, by bashiok (not release date though according to him).

2. korea grb approval decision to be decided in a few days from now.

3. diablo 3 is currently beta patch 9. Although it looks as if the game may already be finished, seeing as how blizzard submitted to korea rgb a full retail (none beta).

:X well thats the latest news atm, besides some other blue posts with some FAQS.
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Dude, its the holidays. Blizzard employees have lives and family just like everyone else. Updates will be added after new years. Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. Mark my words.

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