Macro Farming?

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I am not sure if I was seeing it or not. I didn't bother to remember both names (remembered one though).

Both occasions I ran into Wizards by themselves (Only them and I in the game). And immediately upon getting into the game I receive an ACCEPT/DECLINE notification for SK.

So nothing to odd yet, lucky me right? Well the weird part is, once I got to the defeating the summoned minions, the Wizard would just logout prior to downing the SK.

And both times they both logged out in the same position.

If this is already going on in BETA, I'd be a bit concerned for what LIVE will bring.
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The golden skeletons just before Leoric are the highest level mooks in the beta. They don't drop as much as Leoric, but they take less time to kill. And by logging out, you can start a new game just before Leoric's throne room, making them very easy to farm. They are also the only enemies in the beta that can drop Amulets.
asians will crack this game. its only a matter of time.

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