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when it comes to giving out Beta keys!!!How about giving sum weight or reward for the faithfull who have paid for and contributed to the Blizzard world for many years vs 3 month old noobs
1) When people can't spell stuff, it's not easy to take them seriously.

2) This is beta you're talking about, not some special treat to thank the dedicated customers.
Get over the spelling thing please

and ya it is Beta im talking about,and it wasn't a special treat request it was a request for consideration to those of us who have enjoyed and been loyal blizz players and would like beta to have our loyalty to carry some weight when allocating beta keys
The faithful? How are they supposed to know how many of their games you have bought, or for how long you've played them? Silliness.

I know it's not your intention, but this post comes off as an immature shout of false entitlement to me. They make games you like. They put the time and effort into making them, you paid them a small fee to enjoy the fruits of their labor. I'm sorry, but it doesn't make you special. They have a lot of loyal customers that would love to be in the beta. Sad fact is, only a very small amount of them can. Sorry if that causes you to feel slighted, but it's just the way it is right now.
12/31/2011 03:04 AMPosted by Valkerie
Get over the spelling thing please

no one will ever get over your poor language skills, read into the heart of your message for you, and then give you what you want.

- learn to type
- faith isn't faith if you want to be rewarded for it
- go outside
Faith is not a virtue.
Besides the whole spelling thing I agree with the OP's "heart of the message". Blizzard should be considering people that have registered games on their accounts i.e. a long-standing subscription with WoW over people that just made their first account for Beta submission only. No it's not a "special treat" but who do you think will give better feedback, someone that just wants to try the game early or probably sell the key for profit, or someone that's been playing blizzard games for a while, has probably played the past releases in the series (Diablo II, etc) and has a basis for comparison I.E. what worked and what didn't, and is a active gamer?

They have already been sending keys to people with long standing relations to blizzard games.
12/31/2011 07:38 AMPosted by Pigbenis
Go enjoy the real world

Have you seen that thing? It's big and scary. <shudder>
I was faithful, and blizz rewarded me. Patience...
Blizz might just not like you. It's true.
dude im sorry they dont offer you anything thats weak at best. blizz should really step it up they are slackin on this pr for their devoted fans like you.
they give me free wallpapers of d3 art and info about WoW all the time. though i dont play it, they offer me free trials and such. like get this! they offered me a free copy of d3 if i paid a yearly sub for WoW. man you missed out! sorry you didn't get in on the action, but you could of had my spot. ill make sure and msg you if a deal like this comes around again, you deserve to be included too. plus they knocked the price down on sc2, so yeah, get on it! that is weird you didnt get any offers man....

well, there's always next year. ill keep my fingers crossed for you <3

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