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Not sure of the game already has this, but I think it would be cool if the game would keep track of how many monsters/bad guys/demons that you have slayed for that particular difficulty. Maybe even have some kind of ranking system...just a thought...what cha'll think?
your in luck. The game keeps track of how many demons your individual character has slain and also im pretty sure it has an account wide total monsters slain. ill see if i can upload a pic of this

edit: got the pics: looks like i cant upload them to this forum though.

They do keep track of individual character kills and also your career kills for your d3 battle tag
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Sweet...good to hear!
I would say if you want to see the counter, youtube some of the beta runs people have done, allot I have seen people go over like the banner and stuff and show also the demons slain counter.
I doubt many of you played classic diablo. But it had this.. the more of a mob you killed, the more information you learned about that mob. Resistances, Strengths, Etc.. I really enjoyed that about the game. Such a tiny easter egg but gave you something to look forward to as you killed more and more.
Tracking a stat like who has slaughter the most demons and posting it like a ranking would be a neat element.

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