Would You Play Diablo 1 On Tablet or Console?

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This is the video of some guy playing WoW on iPad via an app called Splash:


I travel a good bit due to work so I have always thought a game like WoW or Diablo would be great to have on an iPad because of the convienence.

I think a scaled down version of Diablo 3 or WoW would do well on iPad. It has the power to support good graphics and decent screen size.

Obviously the controls would be the biggest hurdle to overcome.
I'd like to play it on my iPhone.

In fact, you CAN play it on your iPhone (the PSX version anyway) with a PSX emulator if you jailbreak and iso your PSX game disc.

Unfortunately, I have a newer iPhone 4S and there's no jailbreak for it yet.

So, I'm stuck with Diablo clones from the Apps Store.
I thought about the idea of playing it on an iPhone but I feel like the screen size would take away from the experience. Maybe it could work though...
I would pay up to $20 to play D1 on a tablet.
I would as well. Diablo 1 is probably my favorite Blizzard game.
I would play it on PC again for sure. If it worked. Which it doesn't. Unless you use a virtuall setup.

I try to get it working on all my win7 machines but its GFX are messed up when it loads.

you have to right click the .exe and go into properties then you need to go to the compatability tab then check run this program in compatibility mode for, then select like windows xp or 98 or something like that then check run in 256 colors, run in 640x480 screen res and run this program as administrator. then apply the changes and run the exe and it should work fine.

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