Korean GRB delays again.

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Well, whether Korean and the RMAH is to blame for the delay or not, Pandora's box has been opened. It appears that the mainstream media in Korea, at least, believe that the RMAH is likely to blame.
01/04/2012 10:11 AMPosted by CATMAN
koreans get no cash out feature, trololol

Blizz may opt for this for all regions...it would mean that they essentially get all of the cash generated by the RMAH. I'm not sure that this will help them get approval in Korea, though.
01/04/2012 10:14 AMPosted by Samwiser
koreans get no cash out feature, trololol

Blizz may opt for this for all regions...it would mean that they essentially get all of the cash generated by the RMAH. I'm not sure that this will help them get approval in Korea, though.

If they did that it would just cause more rage. I hope your wrong.
omg just put global release cept south korea. porblem solved.
Blizz may opt for this for all regions...it would mean that they essentially get all of the cash generated by the RMAH. I'm not sure that this will help them get approval in Korea, though.

That's doubtful. With no cash out feature there's really no reason that any would want to use the RMAH and eat transaction fees, unless the bnet stores have some really nice stuff in them. If you can't make any real money then people will just use the GAH for free.
Just release without Korea until they approve but I imagine that will not happen. Diablo 3 in 2012 may not even happen now.
It will be before me3 gets released
In response to the above, first you are blowing it so out of proportion that I can not take you seriously. The money needed to bribe a government group like that would be way more then most people who are currently competing with Blizz could handle, black market or otherwise.

But let us assume you are Correct. This then gives another explanation as to why Blizz refuses to say this is the cause of the delay. Because then people will be complacent and not make the type of attacks you claim.

Edit also by your rational Diablo 3 will compete with WoW so we should not release D3 because it might effect the new patch which got people back in, or when Mists releases, etc. Please, competition is good and healthy and forces better production on both sides.

WoW is a Blizz product, Oh I see then the black market for D2, only made about $100k profit in the entire time D2 was out huh. I have no doubt that the Black Market for D2 made in the hundreds of millions.

You have to remember that if this RMAH is successful then it could lead to it appearing in hundreds of games down the road. And it may even be put into older existing games. So the black market for those services and items could dry up completely.

So their livelihood is at stake here. So it would be wise to find a way to bribe the key politicians that have enough authority to influence the decision in favor of the black market. Or bribing one of the member of the gaming board directly

The same is true for any computer gaming company. I am not talking about some small time company that makes games where they are at the bottom of the ladder as far as profits are concerned. I am talking about some of the other big game making companies that also make computer games. The number two, three, four and five in the top five game making companies. These ones no doubt they have made millions in profits.

So like the black market they would take a similar approach. They would either target one key politician that has enough authority to influence the decision in the favor of the competitors. Or even directly bribing one of the members of the GRB.

It may not take nearly as much as you think that it would. Although I would lean more toward the black market doing it due to the fact that their livelihood could be at stake if the RMAH is successful.

Do you think that it would be impossible for D3 to kill CoD: MW 3. I say that it would kill it, IMO D3 is a far better game.
Here's an article from The Korea Times detailing the current state of the GRB's rating process:


  • The GRB "sees no end in sight for a decision an entire legion of fans anxiously awaits."
  • Though a decision was due yesterday, the GRB spokesperson said that "there were no signs suggesting a definitive answer" because, even with the removal of the "cash-out" feature, "committee members are still reluctant.”
  • The GRB's next meeting is Wednesday, "but the spokesman cautioned fans against optimism, saying instead that reviews take place every Wednesday and Friday."

And my personal favorite:
  • "Blizzard has dug a grave for itself by publicly committing to a simultaneous global, region-free launch for the first time in company history. Because every country will receive identical software, the Korean board’s decision is keeping the global game giant in chains."

Apparently even the author of this article can see what is clear to all but a few of us on these forums: that no matter what smoke Blizzard's PR employees keep blowing out on these forums, it is the Korean bureaucracy's misgivings about the RMAH that is delaying release. Period.

What one writer in a newspaper makes it gospel. You do realize that even the media could get things wrong, huh. So no newspaper or internet news website has ever had to print a retraction huh.
I have read many posts here saying that Bliz could just disable the RMAH in Korea, but keep it everywhere else (then patch it in to SK later). Couldn't someone living in Korea just log-in to a US server and play with the RMAH? Disabling the RMAH would have to be done server side since all the software is identical, right?

I am quite ignorant about these things, but someone who is not...
Q: Could Blizzard release the game globally...to EVERYONE...and still make it impossible for Korea to use the RMAH?

Maybe this is a better question...
Q: Can someone living in Korea play the full D3 if it were released everywhere ELSE

As I understand it, you are correct sir, they could not. If it is region free, all they have to do is make their home region some other region and use that regions RMAH. Sad but true, again why I have said, they won't acknowledge this is the case because if the fans heard this for real from the horses mouth it would mean that one of the most controversial systems, which about half the community said they could do without but is in clearly to help them make money (I have no problem with it and they deserve it as I always support my game companies) is the only thing truly holding up the game; (other things just being fluff and trying new things in the intererm) well frankly there would be a !@#$ storm.

The whole D3 community is not here on the forums. So it cannot possibly be half the community does not want it. You could have in around 10 million plus potential players world wide. Do you really think that all 10 million plus would bother about visiting and posting in these forums. No they would not.

"Because every country will receive identical software, the Korean board’s decision is keeping the global game giant in chains."

A quote from the Korea Times. Pretty reliable and reputable source of information, if you ask me.

I do not think that they will be getting the same software. Because the RMAH is region locked. So Korea's region could be without the RMAH. Could some Koreans find a way around it. Sure just like any other people that would find a way to play a game that is illegal according to the laws of the land that they live in. But the majority will not do it.

Also the media can get things wrong, where they have to print a retraction to what they have said. And in some rare cases the media can be controlled by the government or big business. Also they can be lied to as well.
First, according to the investors call, the release target was Q4 2011. Now, it's Q1(ish) 2012. They keep saying the game isn't finished - but what does that mean? What parts aren't finished? Why are they not satisfied with those components? We're not really being given any information other than vague generalities, and that doesn't do a whole lot to stamp out the (not totally unreasonable) conspiracy theories regarding the South Korean version of the RMAH.

And, it would be a PR nuke if the RMAH was revealed as the real reason why the game isn't out yet. Blizz has already said a) the game is completely playable from start to finish and b) even if the things they're working on now aren't implemented at launch, the game would still be awesome. If that's the case, why are they waiting? If they're chasing perfection, we'll never see the game. Furthermore, they are a business after all, and they need to realize cash flow on the project. The game simply cannot be in development forever. How much of what they are doing can be handled in post-launch patches? What is REALLY holding the game up?


The problem here is that if the devs said exactly what bugs are holding them back. For some it would be enough. But for others it would not be. They would ask more questions. Like what is causing that bug? How long will it take to fix it? Or even forget about the bugs and release it already. I know that you have a high standard. But forget that standard and release the game and be like every other gaming company.

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