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I'm wondering what software development methodologies your engineering teams use. It would be cool to have a little bit of insight into how releases are done/handled. I know how painful it is for an engineering team to be pushed by PM to release something when you do not feel that Done is Done and I admire your strength for being able to say no and actually not release with that kind of pressure.

With Facebook doing pushes from HEAD, sites like Flickr and others releasing features day of development. How does a product team with such a huge product iterate? I know D3 is NOT a website and clearly more complex. I'm sure you do, but I do sincerely hope customer trust is part of the process. Trust that we can handle iterations of a product as long as the initial release feels complete. If a "feature" is missing or not ready, we will not be too upset if it is not included in initial rollout.

Keep up the good work!



Agile - I doubt it! For a huge project Agile is nothing but trouble and by far the wrong choice. Good for small projects and enhancements. Not for a multi-year project

Lean/six sigma - I also doubt - but maybe some aspects of it could be used.

Iteritive development - is the most likely in my view

Waterfall - Would also be the wrong choice, since games have an iteritive process in nature.

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