♦♣♠♥Grug's Late Night Thread - 15 Years!♥♠♣♦

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♦♣♠♥ Grug's Late Night Thread ♥♠♣♦
Does your posting schedule not match the majority of the community? Do you enjoy discussing and debating Diablo 3 into the wee hours of the morning? Well, fellow night-owls, this is your spot. Because the night isn't over until you say so!

Tonight's topic is, what else, the Diablo 15th anniversary extrrrrrravaganza! Did you enjoy all the videos? Who was your favorite: Jay, Chris, or the Narrator? Did you notice all the cool new gameplay and artwork from the long video?

Also I can say with pride that I spent a good three minutes fawning over that new concept art of Diablo. I hope we get to see him like that in-game.
Echo! Echo. echo. echo... o...
I think they should have done something .... better, at least last year had epic D1 Tristram music.

Edit : One year already...
It doesn't seem like that big of an event to me, I mean, I don't think most games celebrate their 15th year anniversary so I'm pretty happy with the videos. The narrator video, whatever it's called was pretty awesome. A good 10 minute video that reminded me why I come to these forums everyday. D3's gonna be awesome.
I enjoyed watching the retrospective video, but I kind of agree with Kira that the event itself doesn't really warrant all that much.
I thought the narrator sounded pretty cool.

But, of course, I love Jay Wilson. He's my baby-poo.
If metzen talks, its always awesome.
I enjoyed all the videos. Metzen has a great presence and should definitely do more PR stuff. Retrospective was really cool.
I liked the parts they cut out of the last minute of the retrospective after it has been up for a while.
I really enjoyed the retro video. Really brought back a lot of memories from playing both Diablo and Diablo 2 late at night.

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