Beta woooow!!!

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Congratulations! You have been selected to receive a Diablo III beta key as part of our twitter Blizzard_ANZ contest.

Time to start my download, thanks :)
:[ gimme
before anyone says
"Im jealous Im jealous I don't believe you post screenshot or it didnt happen"
i believe you and congratulate you
envy u, man, congrats!!!
Congrats... Fellow Aussie here, had the client since beta started but still no keys :(

Good hunting!
Still downloading the client as there is a storm brewing and it's effecting my internet connection :( slowly getting there though. One of the downsides of being an Aussie i guess :/
01/05/2012 04:34 AMPosted by Cexibeast
!@#$ dude, I've had my installer DL'd and updated every single patch since the start of the beta 3 months ago! Now if only I can get my account flagged for access like you lol =)

same here. thought the beta was gonna be larger.
/steals Beta... FROM BEHIND

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