What if it wasn't 3 years already?

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You woke up this morning November 5th, 2011, did nothing but turn on your computer to browse the internet as you usually do every morning then you get to find out(by accident) that there will be a new tittle of the diablo series. Will you be mad right know? Two months afterwards knowing that there will be a Diablo 3?.

I think all of us, blizzard fans, are use to the idea of 1) An announcement and 2) 1 or 2 years as a timeline of a release date of any tittle from blizzard.

Unfortunatelly is been 3 years after the announcement of a new tittle of a diablo series. Reason why some of us(I'll like to exclude myself from this one but I can't) are trying to find a meaning for long delay of the release date.
If they only announced the game 2 months ago, then I wouldn't be mad, or prolly even follow the game as closely as I do right now.

Finding out about the game 2 months ago and the fact that it has been 3, almost 4, years in development would make me pretty excited to get the game in my hands. - which is where most of us are now. Granted, everyone is dealing with this in their own way.

Trust me, when the game is finally released, nobody will remember all the waiting. The only time it will become an issue after release is if the game is buggy, flawed, and unplayable. Which I'm pretty sure it won't be.

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