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dam agreed!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7dAGQOb5iGc&feature=related 6:50 Jay Wilson 2D quote

Bravo, you took it out of context. The gameplay is essentially 2 dimensional, in the same way that StarCraft 2 is 2 dimensional. But the reason you can zoom appropriately and turn the camera is because everything is modeled and done in 3 dimensions still but the player only gets 2 dimensions of movement on the screen.

There is a difference between a top-down played game and 3D
Diablo 3 has been in development for some 6-7+ years. To make a 2D environmental game and have it take this long is just ridiculous. The team behind this game has to be extremely small.

Bethesta's team of 100 or so people made The elder Scrolls V: Skyrim in 3 years. Less than half of the time d3 has been in production. They developed an entire new revolutionary engine and and a massive game all in this time. Skyrim's content and environment detail is downright amazing. I can almost guarantee it's content and amount of quests will dwarf that of diablo's. And its a 3D environment, unlike diablo. Sure d3 has 3D character abilities and other things, at its core it's still a 2D game. If i had to guess how long it took Bethesta to make that game, I would have guessed 6 years or more. But it didn't.

Another thing people say is that Diablo is an online game. Do you think it really takes an extra 3-4 years to produce online hardware? No.

This leaves no question about it. Diablo's team must be extremely small or they're just extremely lazy which most likely isn't true. A game like this should in no way take 6-7+ years to make. It's just ridiculous.

Sorry just reading through this thought I would mention what I believe is another point not properly talked about the difference in the making of the two games ( aside engines and other pieces of the game creation project )..

Skyrim is a good game but it is single player.... also the dungeons to my knowledge don't change the second time you enter? ( could be wrong sorry if so ..) so those two things like randomized maps / dungeons and the online portion of the game would take some time to properly develop not to mention throwing in and online auction database and to make things interesting.. let's make it RMAH... ouch..

anyway I think you get my point as it is in relation to time taken to make the games from what you posted... and pls don't get me wrong I am / have been waiting for D3 for ever it feels so part of me just wants to agree with you but I don't think the two games can be compared that way.. also I don't know how many Skyrim / D3 have working exactly... but for the D3 guys... come on guys I know you want to get this game out for us!!! lol

Peace.. :D

Ill say it before anyone else... Yes Skyrim had some bugs upon release but it was still an amazing game for its depth and scope.

Yeah a amazing game. Very ambitious. I think it will be even better in a year when the bugs are worked out. I mean the sheer size of the game....

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