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What is the release date?
Release date is Dec 21, 2012 when the world ends sorry :(
20/12/11 was SWTOR release date :D

I got bored of WoW after 6 or 7 years but most other MMO's sucked, but despite not being a star wars fan I am really liking SWTOR and haven't logged on WoW in over a month since early access.

Playing SWTOR till something better comes along :) but there are a few good things coming like Reckoning and The Secret World in February and April as well as Diablo 3 before the end of March so not as if theres not alot to do atm haha. Add to that my 189 steam games and I pretty much am overwhelmed with stuff to do.

I got yearly sub for WoW and am eagerly waiting on SC2 Zerg xpac too on top of diablo.
The only MMO I've seen that's better than WoW is Rift. It truly is a better game but the population SUUUCKS. Queues take forever, and they are being cheap by spreading servers too thin and making more lower-bandwidth servers rather than less bigger ones with a more dense player base.
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Also Rift is mediocre at best. Better if you're bored of WoW, but still not better than WoW.
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