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Guys.. I've read through so many of these posts and other online D3 sites,youtube podcasts/videos,news,etc. I'm gonna try to answer some of these questions based on what I've gathered. I know you guys are all trying to vent about the delays and no release date, etc. But don't flame blizz while ur at it. They're really just doing their jobs. They're not trying to lie or trick us. Its just plausible deniability and public relations on their part.

"Why not be honest, Blizz?"
Think of it this way, how come they're not just out and saying "Korea is the reason the release is delayed"? Its for the same reason, you wouldnt publicly place blame on the person who gives you your paychecks. They don't want to be the cause of millions of Diablo fans to hate Korea and then develop a worse relationship with the Gaming Board. They have future prospects to protect. Its standard public relations. You can argue, "Why doesn't blizz care about US,the FANS?!!!" Well, they do care, they gave us an expected deadline(Q1 2012) and they're still on track as far as we know.

And the reason they may not be giving us a real release date could also be related to the GRB delays. Why give a release date if it might be pushed back again if this GRB issue isn't resolved yet? They learned from their first mistake of announcing the release in late 2011 and having it pushed back. I'm confident once D3 is passed in Korea, a release date will be announced soon after.

"Why not release D3 in other countries first?"
A lot of people are wondering why don't they just release it in other countries and let Korea deal with their own internal issues. The most likely reason is they had an ideal vision in mind=the Global release. They still have until the end of March(end of Q1) to fulfill that vision. This global release is a landmark opportunity for their company since this will be their first global release, ever. The next opportunity they would have to do a global release would be SC III which is a long time away and wouldnt be as big of an impact as D3 would be since SC II just came out recently(not 15 years ago).

And the last BIG question is,
"When will we have a release date?"

Typically blizz games come out 2 weeks after the end of beta. That would be one general indication but we don't know when beta ends at this time.

A better indication right now would be release dates are usually announced no less than 2 months before the game is released. So if their deadline is March 31st(end of Q1) for the release, announcement of a release date should occur no later than Jan 31st.

Of course all this is just speculation from what I've gathered from going through these forums and other websites and news articles. So noone has to believe me on any of this.

MY BOTTOM LINE = Wait until Jan 31st, if no release date is announced, then maybe you can start raging again heh.

PS Don't expect me to cite anything.. Do your own research if you have doubts or want to learn more. Channel your inner Sherlock Holmes=gather the facts then make inferences.

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