So is "Titan" going to be "Sanctuary Online"?

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After watching the retrospective video, I beleive it hints at the fact that the next big MMO that Blizzard do could very well be "Sanctuary Online", essentially "World of Diablo", with a 3D version of the Diablo 3 engine used to bring the world to life just like they used a modified version of the Warcraft 3 engine for WOW.

I know they have stated that the next MMO will not be an established IP, but what if they just said that to throw us off the scent?

I for one would play it!

Titan is sci-fi themed.
blizzard said titan isn't an existing franchise and that it is completely new...

but they also say SK isn't holding d3 back, and a blue also said that the anniversary celebration would be early this week... wednesday is generally considered middle of the week where im from

well einstein did say "time is relative" :P
My reaction to this thread title was similar to when a reporter once asked Jim Mora Sr. about the Playoffs.
But surely it would be on the cards eventually? Perhaps as thier 3rd MMO? After Titan, Warcraft 4 and THEN Diablo Online? Heres hoping!
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Also it is rumored to be an FPS...

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