Did anyone else notice this?

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So, Blizz just sent out there 15 year Diablo anniversary page today.


Noticed that the picture of Diablo in the top right (assuming that is Diablo...since it looks like Diablo...) he has a pink crystal sticking out from the middle of his skull.

Got me thinking, that crystal is the same color (pinkish) as the world stone. Also, the crystalline protrusion emerging from his forehead is roughly the same size as one the shards from the world stone after Tyrael chucked his sword at it in the end of D2:LoD.

World Stone power infused, resurrected, necro, UberDiablo? Burning Hells if i know...

Just wondering if anyone made the same association...
EDIT - On second thoughts this is most definitely newer art. Either way I wouldn't bother too much on the "meaning" of it.
Oh I could care less about the meaning, I'd rather keep the contents of the game and the story as far away from me a possible. I'd like to have the surprises as I'm playing it myself.

I just found the two things coincidental. Also, I'm pretty sure it's new art, judging from the style of it and I don't remember seeing it anywhere else before. Could be wrong though for sure

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