Diablo in Restrospect and Prospect

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Thank you Blizzard you for the informative video about the history of development of the Diablo series! It was a very neat and interesting video to watch.

I had no idea that Diablo was originally going to be a claymation turn based RPG game. I am so glad it turned out to be what it was! (Turn based games = fail.)

Blizzard had the insight to make that change for the better back then, look at how great a game it was. Then they were able to craft an epic sequel with MUCH better gameplay and re-playability, new mechanics and a great story.

They've made two great games in the past. I realize that it was originally Blizzard North who worked on the first two games, and they are no longer a part of Blizzard, but I have faith that they will deliver another epic sequel to the series.

I also have faith that the changes they are making in the third installment will be for the better. Games are constantly evolving as technology and gaming trends change. This is a good thing, as it helps new games feel more fresh and interesting. Give it a chance guys. I know everyone likes to stay with what they are familiar and comfortable with but just give it a chance.

I am genuinely excited about this game even after waiting since it was announced in 2008 because I know I will be playing it for years to come.

Hang in there guys. Diablo3 release is on the horizon!

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