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Blizzard's aiming for a global release. If they want our money, they'll release the game when it's ready. Why? Take this scenario.

Korea suspends their decision for a really long time. Let's assume d3 is ready to be shipped. Bliz isn't going to wait forever just because Korea is a huge market share. They'll release, make sub-tons of money in other regions, perhaps to the chagrin of the Korean gamers, who really shouldn't be mad at Blizzard, but at the decision process. So then what? Korean-equivalent ebay sells non-Korean d3, people make lots of money. Airlines around the world benefit from individuals making trips to obtain d3 outside of Korea.

The global economy is saved!

All because D3 will be released when it's ready.

Okay, seriously though, if the decision process in Korea were really, in fact, holding up the release, Bliz would eventually release it anyway, because they have no idea how long it might take. Sure, they can influence the political process...maybe? Korea has lobbyists right?

Hang in there guys, we're all getting fidgety and impatient. But think back to d2 and d2x, it'll be worth it once it's out.
Obviously there is something damning that Blizzard doesnt want us to know about or else they would have told us.
Maybe it is the issue but not in the way we think, maybe the ceo has a illegitimate child with a member on the GRB and teh process is being held up because family issues so thats why he flew out there :O nah im kidding damn where is the rest of my rum >.>
Korea's welcome to have whatever decision they want, I don't even care because it'll probably be announced soon anyway.

I still have one remaining point, and I cannot imagine how people can't agree - if you deny that one argument is the truth but fail to supply what the real truth is, it leads other people to believe you're full of !@#$. This isn't hard.

And let's assume for a moment hypothetically that Korea is actually somehow the only remaining issue. That's probably not the case nor do I believe it to be, but let's say it is... Okay, well then they've %^-*ed up by denying that it is. If they are just wanting a global release they should've stayed silent and people would've complained about that, too. I get that.

At least it wouldn't be the dumb, awkward thing of a situation it is now. Lots and lots of denying, and absolutely no other word on anything. Again, what does that lead people to believe?

Once you think about that, how can you honestly blame them?
Blizzard must wait for the GRBs decision because the release of everywhere but Korea would send the populace into an uproar and the country would destabilize. This about more than gaming, its about world peace.
The game is region free, without Koreas approval, they could never ship, Koreans could just order other countries versions of Diablo 3.

So yeah, it's Korea.

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