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"If you're encountering a periodic stutter that varies from annoying to debilitating, it's related to a coding issue within the client itself. In retrospect, I've started to notice this stutter even during blizzard released gameplay demos on youtube.

Any time the game loads a new asset during gameplay, it stutters, and it's cumulative; encountering a pack of grotesques have caused a 5-10 second stutter-- that could kill you in NM or later difficulties. This MUST be resolved before launch, because it's hurting gameplay for rigs both meek and massive."

Only time I lag is as soon as I launch the game, still loading stuff as I run around, That's the only time I stutter / lag.
If it "magically gets better" then it's sort of a non-issue to me. For good or ill, I'm used to computer programs, especially games, needing a little "warm-up" after launch.
I don't stutter in the beta.

01/13/2012 08:46 AMPosted by D3BETA
Only time I lag is as soon as I launch the game, still loading stuff as I run around, That's the only time I stutter / lag.

Same here. There is almost always that first bit of lag where I am unable to control my character for 5-10 seconds, and it always happens when I encounter my first group of monsters.

This stuttering was confirmed by Blizzard shortly after it was introduced during the beta. It was not there on launch. That is of course if we are talking about the same stuttering.

Every time the game is launched, the assets for it start fresh. The game redoes these assets every time. It sets them on every first use of an ability, et cetera. So yes, at first it stutters but then it stops. Blizzard has said they have this fixed already.

As for me, I get a lot of slowdown simply because my CPU is only a dual-core at 2ghz. If physics could be turned off, I wouldn't even have to upgrade my computer to play this game reliably.
01/13/2012 08:57 AMPosted by AudioCG
or internet connection issues, either slow ISP speeds, or excessive distance of user from BETA server, or BETA server having issues/resets/heavy load.

01/13/2012 08:35 AMPosted by Zargon
encountering a pack of grotesques have caused a 5-10 second stutter

Care to point me to any game that had actual client slowdown due to the internet? Because not even Diablo 1 did this. For the most part these two things are unrelated, unless their connection is threaded with the graphics (which would be completely retarded to do).
It is a known issue. It is fixed in the internal build, but might not get fixed in the beta. Read the stickies, please.
The only time I've had any "stuttering" in the Beta is when I first load the game, and when I use vault with the passive (but this is rubberbanding).

This "stuttering" is not an issue, and is common with every game currently (even WoW).
i have this issue as well as my IRL friend. i hope this truly is fixed for release because it can be a nuisance and i can see it being a problem in higher difficulties. if they have it fixed in the internal build i see no reason they could not update the beta client so we can test it (correct me if im wrong.. but isnt that what we are here for?)

it seems if you have a better system it isn't as noticeable, as my friend with a slower system experiences it much worse than i do.
I've experienced this, not only when using abilities for the first time but also when I use certain abilities like tumble or w/e that demon hunter move is called.

After I use the ability the game just stops for a couple seconds, and this happens on a regular basis. But its only a couple seconds so I can deal
Is this "Stutter" you're referring to a sudden drop in frame rate? It's common with a ton of players right now who aren't running the very top end of graphics cards.

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