When is Diablo 3 hitting the shelves?

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WHEN!? :(
My guess would be april or may
01/13/2012 04:39 PMPosted by Torijama

Somebody forgot the ™........
I just picked up a copy at WalMart but they wouldn't let me check out because, according to them, it was put on the shelves accidentally.

So...very soon™.
When leah become grandma of someone :P
sooner than you think™
They will never hit the shelves , all copies are being delivered to me and only me. Sorry guy's but you will never get to play Diablo III.
I've actually got a warehouse fully stocked with freshly printed Diablo 3 releases. I find swimming in the piles and piles of unopened boxes so pleasing. Oh, sorry you want one? Too bad! :P
nobody knows.
The answer is simple:

When I say so.
The world may never know...
Sooner than later i hope!
Feburary 1st
Big announcement in about a week.
depends on the distance at which it is dropped from above the shelves. It is also important to note that objects fall with an acceleration between 9.78 and 9.82 m/s2 depending on latitude, with a conventional standard value of exactly 9.80665 m/s2.

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