Predator PvP Build

Demon Hunter!cZY!ZbcYYZ
This build made for PvP with the emphasis of being able to both chase enemies and lure them into traps.

Obviously you start the battle by placing down various traps in and around your starting zone. You move out and find your enemy and attack, placing down a caltrops at before attacking so you may have refuge from a Barbarian's Leap or a Monk's Teleport. You then Strafe away and impale if they get too close. Lure them into your traps you placed at the beginning just to put icing on the cake.

Of course when your fighting another DH or a wizard his instinct will be to run away, so Strafe with Gold will allow you to chase him down while attacking. Using Red Entangling shot you can slow them down while unloading hungering arrows, using impale to stun them as they run. If your lucky, they'll run a big circle into your den of traps.

As an added bonus i've added "Thrill of the Hunt" which will keep me one step of the enemy no matter if they be the hunter, or the hunted.

I can see alot of potential for this build in both a 1v1 and a 3v3 scenario.
This looks really good. I'll have to try it myself once we get our hands on the game.
I'm surprised no one else has commented on this. This is probably the best PvP build out there so far.. Although when I try it I might exchange spiked trap for Marked for death with life steal or preparation with the heal because I don't really like trap abilities too much.
I agree that Spikes may be a risk, but with a little preparation (and i don't mean the ability) you can do alot of damage without even looking back.

Of course their effectiveness is all based on its visibility in battle. No ones gonna walk onto a big red dot on their screen on purpose.
I agree with Godspeed in that I would probably change out either spike traps (if they were visible, as you said, no one is going to walk through a big red dot on the ground on purpose) or hungering arrow. I say hungering arrow because if spike traps are hidden this makes them even more dangerous, I know you want hungering arrow to stop people running away and healing.

It's a solid build and with the way you've said you would use it, it is very hard to flaw, everything has its use so not a lot to change.
I like it. Seems like a little low on the damage though, even if your able to get them through the traps, your not doing much damage overall. So I would change Hungering to Elemental Arrow, with Obsidian (I also liked the idea of mark with life steal, but it needs more damage.) This might hamper your regen a little though, but I think you'll be using ES quite a bit, people will be spread out, and need to be hit individually. If regen isn't a problem, I'd change Steady Aim to Numbing traps, will help a lot against barbarians and monks, it would be hard to consistently get them in caltrops, and if your able to get a range over one it would be a major help. If regen is a problem, then might have to go back to hungering arrow. As of now there is no 1v1 pvp planned, only arena. And everything Ive seen is indicating they are going to be 4v4. But that seems like a lot to me so it might end up 3v3. If it's 4v4 your damage won't be as big of an issue if your team has good calls on switches and such.!cZf!cbcYYZ
Miracle Chip, i like you, you seem like a cool guy, but i think you misunderstand what i am trying to do with my build. I'm trying to create a build that can defeat the average opponent with a universal strategy that can be applied to as many individuals as possible.

If your build comes up against mine... well then !@#$... i give up.,, Hell, i'l even thank you. But What do you do against the next guy you fight? The guy who isn't me? You're screwed because your build isn't meant for them. Thats exactly what i want to avoid when i PvP.

Sure i have low damage, but i have high survivability. If my enemy is the opposite, with High damage and low survivability, then were evenly matched.

And i don't treat my opponant like an NPC, i always think of him as a human. One who is both angry and scared with the most primal strategy, Fight or Flight. My build is meant to fight angry and scared. If they fight, they are buried in bolts as i run away, if they flight, they are overcome with my volley of bolts as i chase them down.

Lastly, you say you will use Smokescreen to sneak up to me, but that has one fatal flaw, and that is that you must know where i am before i know where you are. If you use it before you see me, than you take the chance of using it too soon and wasting your disc. And if you wait for me to be in your sights before using it, i will just caltrops the ground and wait for it to fade.

Anyways... Whatever.

Oh wait, one last thing, its about Alabaster Impale. I think your giving it to much credit. Remember that basic Crit chance gear is gonna put it up 36% alone.(a single piece of course) You'll probably be reaching the triple digits with high end Crit Gear, so an extra 76% to top it off isn't that great, compared to all the other cool things it can do.

Finished... For realzies
OP, how will you deal with Barbarians using Leap Attack and Monks using Dashing Strike to instantly close on you (and likely start using stuns/slows themselves!)?

Both skills seem to be popular PvP choices, I feel for good reason.
Oh, did you not read the description of my build? Caltrops has stun. They jump, they get their !@# stunned. They teleport, they get stunned. 3.5 seconds (although presumably lower) is a long time to strafe away.

Throw something hard please. There's a lot of stuff that can break this build, but jump and teleport aint one of them.
01/18/2012 09:26 PMPosted by EveOfTheWar
Oh, did you not read the description of my build? Caltrops has stun. They jump, they get their !@# stunned. They teleport, they get stunned. 3.5 seconds (although presumably lower) is a long time to strafe away.

Not bad for Leap Attack, when you'll be able to see them coming. With Dashing Strike, you have a fraction of a second between when they appear and when they hit you (if they are using the Alabaster rune), or the Monk might just dodge the stun (with the Obsidian rune).

Though, with the recent stat changes PvP between dexterity-based classes just became much more interesting, as monks and DH's are both likely to have high baseline dodge chances - as a result, I daresay most CC-related bets are off against both Monks and other DH's... but at least they'll have a harder time nailing you as well.

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