Just Wondering if 1st Quarter Release Viable?

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I mean it's not surprise if it doesn't release in the first quarter cause I mean it's blizzard they have to polish, repolish, polish some more, done polishing but polish anyway. I don't mean that in a bad way cause it's one of the reasons their games are over the top amazing and why there is such a cult following. Still though would be great to get some confirmation if we should expect to see the game sometime soon I mean is that really giving anything away? I don't think so since we were told to expect it this quarter I'm just wanting to know if that still holds true.
Sit tight mate, the wait has not been easy, but the game is around the corner. :)
"Despite a sterling record of always hitting its release targets"


nice tongue in cheek

Ahahaha yeah, that's exactly where I stopped reading. Nothing to see here.
hahahaha now I know the early 2012 was always a lie just with the first sentence
Well first we need know what Bliiz want to say when they say EARLY 2012
Early - jan /apr
Med - Jun/Set
Late - Oct/dec

So it have a small change to come 1st quarter.

But imo the game only come out at Mid 2012 :P
everyone knows that early 2012 = Aug. - Nov. 2012
My prediction: Within the next 2 weeks, we will here a release date for March 27th.

Also, a release for Q1 2012 is still viable. Blizzard usually announces the Release Date 2 months in advance to the games Full Release.
I believe Blizzard will be announcing 1 final delay to late 2012.

And to Blizzard early was a loose term that could mean anything up to like September and they would try and get away with it.

It never meant January/February to them that's for sure.

Based on what? You are on every thread saying that the game is going through major changes and there is going to be an announcement to delay the game a considerable amount of time. Please enlighten me if you know something, other than that all your claims are rumors that you made up in your head.

There is still plenty of time for a Q1 release. Please stop with the unsubstantiated claims.
01/12/2012 12:06 PMPosted by BisonWeapon
There is still plenty of time for a Q1 release. Please stop with the unsubstantiated claims.
Possible? Yes, of course. Bashiok stated Blizzard typically releases release dates 2 months ahead of time which leaves 3 weeks for Blizzard to announce a release date.

Viable? No, it's not. With us being told Jay is preparing an update on some system developments within the new week or two a release date announcement within the next 3 weeks (Almost immediately following Jay's system update) is extremely unlikley.

Q2 (April - June, the timeframe I've been guessing for the past year or so :p), is the most likley Quarter Diablo 3 will be released in.

read this press release


Hate to tell you dude but that means absolutely nothing when it comes to blizzard..
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Wow, that was quick

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