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my old diablo 2 discs dont upload on my newer computer, vistas windows.if i purchased a new diablo2 battle chest will it work? i just bought the old starcraft battle chest and noticed on the disc that it was compatible with vista.I dont want to drop 39.99 on the game to find out . let me know if the new discs says if its compatible with viatas on it.
Don't buy the discs, try downloading the install files by signing into your account on

I don't recall how I got mine added there but I think I just typed in the CD-Key and it was available for download.
no need. If you have the Cd key put it on your account. And download it from there.
What the other guys said, but I have the original disc that I have bought on release, and I use them on my vista machine all the time, so I really don't understand how you have this problem.
The original discs don't work with the new OS's. I think they fixed it in patch 1.13, but I'm not sure. So the only way to get the updated patched version that works with your OS is to download it from
I have never had a problem with Vista/7 and Diablo II, aside from an error message saying it wouldn't work (which it did)/

If you can't install for whatever reason from your CDs, upload the Keys to and then Download and Install from there, as those above me suggested.

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I ran my old diablo 2 on windows 7 64bit. i just have to manually download the patch before it could run. hope that helps someone. thats with the cds anyways.
thanks for the input, i put in my cd code then downloaded the client, but my computer will just not allow this game to run. not only does vista shut down the program, norton internet security wont allow it either.iam out of luck i guess, just have to wait till d3 now.

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