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I know this has already been discussed, but I just don't understand the thinking behind the Diablo 3 auction house system. The RMAH is a great idea, but could it work in a 4 player game? This is the reason why I think Diablo 3 will sink like the Titanic. Why would anyone pay real money for some gear that they can't even show off to anyone else? I know top tier gear is desired, but why is it even necessary when the multiplayer is so limited.

Diablo 3 is a 4 player game. Diablo 2 was a 8 player game. At least with 8 players sitting in town, you can have a good chat with others or have some friendly duels outside and test each other's builds, or just have a few laughs here and there. It was a great game, but what made it more fun and long lasting was that it provided a place where some people can just hang out. I understand that questing with 4 people is sufficient, but what I'm talking about is there isn't a place to just hang out where you can look at other people's gear, their builds, talk to them, duel them for fun, etc.

Lastly, the arena. Is this going to be something like WOW where you que up until it pops and you click enter? Then you would end up in a small square or circle and just run around casting spells or attacks? This would suck when it is applied to a game like Diablo because the visual perspective of the game is so different.

Simply put, I play pc games and online games because it's a different way of hanging out with other people. Console games don't have that replayability(exceptions are the ones that can support many players such as COD, etc) because you are just lonely. Being alone for too long gets boring. How many times are you going to play through a game like Skyrim? Not for long I can say for sure. Beat it once, second time through you play around and explore, maybe 3 times and you are done with it, move on to something else. It doesn't have replayability.

I am really hoping this is not the case with Diablo 3. If it is like this, people will play the game through a couple of times then they will be done with it also.

You think Diablo III be a catastrophic failure because you can't show off the gear you bought to more than 4 people?

It wasn't about showing off to the other 7 people in the game. They couldn't inspect you in D2. They couldn't tell whether your Eth BOTD was perfect. It was about making the perfect character. Being all that you could be. Getting the edge in PK or PvM. In a way, it was very much an OCD thing.
I hope you do get tired after two months and leave, to be quite frank.

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