Demon Hunter
Thoughts on this being a CC with some mobility build. Not much exp with ranged in previous Diablos, so help a guy out.!ZYc!ZYZbYY
If you want crowd control you really need a strong AOE spell. Strafe shot and elemental arrow just wont cut it. If you are looking for something spammable and cheap use multishot with the rune which allows it to only cost 7 hatred, that and i dont find the perk thrill of the hunt all that useful i rather replace it with something that benefits hatred or such. If you have entangling shot with up to 6 shots theres no need for elemental arrow with* frost rune * at all because you can just spam the entangling shot, which slows enemy down significantly without the cost of any hatred or discipline so its basically free of cost and cooldown.
I'm going to assume this is a PvE build since there are very few PvP builds being posted these days.

thrill of the hunt is an amazing utility passive. With the ability to switch in your basic bow attack whenever you want, it gives you a way to stop a monster you need to stop NOW when you need them stopped.

Elemental arrow aside from the difference between it costing and ES costing, is much better than ES. ES will slow 6 targets for 2 seconds, and do 100% damage to one target. (If you spam it it will actually do 100% damage to all the targets linked, but that was before patch 10 so that could have changed.) Elemental arrow with Crimson does 140% damage to one target and 104% to everything else behind it in a cone, this is insanely good, plus the slow is for 5% more and for a second longer.

Since he has bola shot in there too he's only going to be using ES to get that slow every 2 seconds then bola, but honestly just get rid of bola. Also get rid of strafe, its a pretty crappy ability. Put in either Multi Shot, Cluster Arrow, or Rain of Vengeance (I like Crimson Golden, and depending on how it works in game indigo for multi, I like alabaster crimson and golden for cluster arrow, and I like alabaster and golden for RoV.)

For Strafe put in crimson caltrops, or indigo, you could also do crimson fan of knives. I used to really like caltrops, but it now seems like FoK is a bit better, it does have a CD though, so if your good at kiting over traps then it will be better to go wtih caltrops.

Get rid of steady aim for archery, unless your going to use 1h cross bows, in which case go with vengeance, numbing traps, or perfectionist (listed in order of what's best). Anytime your inside a building it will be really hard to get any use from that pasive.

2h cross bows will fire slower but do more damage, you'll get a great deal of crits from your choice of any of those AoE skills, so it wouldn't be too bad of a bonus, but since Bow's are the median between 1h cross bows and 2h crossbows, firing slower than a 1h but with more power, but faster than a 2h with less power, its a good option and gives you that 10% no matter what.

Here's the build with the changes I would make, you'll pretty much be stuck only using shadow power on bosses, because you won't have the discipline to fuel caltrops being placed even three times and still using it, unless you dump mark for preparation, but I like mark.!ZVc!ZYZZYY

If you get rid of shadow power, I'd change elemental arrow for alabaster rapid fire, and use preparation with crimson, this gives you another decent slow, and great single target damage, plus enough hatred to trade multi shot for either RoV or Cluster arrow.

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