Critique my Control/Evasive PvP Build

Demon Hunter
I'm not new to Diablo, but with Diablo 3 I will be new to the PvP. I've been playing around with builds for Demon Hunter to try and decide what would be good for PvP, and would like some feedback on what I've decided on. I'm going for a build that focuses less on insane damage, and more on keeping myself alive and away from damage, while being able to put out medium damage.!acX!baYaYZ

Reasoning behind my choices:

Entangling Shot: obviously for the snare and also for strong hatred regen

Evasive Fire: Chosen for the built in Vault that costs less Disc

Impale: Strong fast damage and a knockback/stun with Indigo

Rapid Fire: Strong DPS for when I'm sufficiently far away to unload. Alabaster to keep them away for longer

Smoke Screen: I feel in combination with the Tactical Advantage passive, will be a more useful escape mechanism than Vault

Marked for Death: Extra DPS

Tactical Advantage: Works with Evasive Fire and Smoke Screen to improve my escaping ability

Cull the Weak: Extra Damage against targets hit with ES or Rapid Fire

Night Stalker: Allows for more Smoke Screens to gain distance and confuse enemies

Any and all feedback would be greatly appreciated, thanks! :)
I like it, and for the most part don't see much reason for change. The only MUST change I see, is either ES or Evasive for caltrops. You have a decent amount of control but not enough. Monks have a teleport kick, and Barbarians have a leap attack, both would bypass being slowed, although it would be interesting to see if the rate they cover that distance is slowed. True they may be slowed already, but if Smoke Screen is on CD then you'd be hard pressed to get away.

I would change smoke screen to obsidian. With Tactical Advantage you don't really need that extra time, and the hatred regen would be good because you'll be relying on rapid fire for your damage.

I don't know if you do Arena's in WoW, but it will be about the same things. Chain CC onto one or two targets, and burning down another. It will just be easier to kill people for the most part because there won't usually be a dedicated healer. That's simplifying it a bit, because all the D3 classes have some amount of self healing, and the monk and WD have insane amounts. But go watch some Arena vids from WoW and it will give you an idea of what it will be like.
I suggest you don't watch any WoW arena videos. They are the goofiest, most ridiculous looking PvP scenario of any multiplayer game. However, you may also want to watch them for this very reason.

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