The Book of Cain: Predictions of Diablo 3

Lore and Story
I am writing this to document my thoughts from reading Book of Cain. This is going to be quite long. There is no TLDR because it detracts from the use of evidence. If you are an individual who requires TLDR please hit back on your web browser and do not post. Read what you want and discuss intelligently.

I am going to discuss all the topics that come to mind, and will attempt to keep this sorted in subjects. The goal is to consolidate evidence and speculation on my part about Sanctuary and address some interesting theories that have been made in recent months. I have no inside knowledge and have not viewed anything other than official releases (books, games, trailers, beta play). If I have made an error in my reasoning please point it out supported by evidence. Also note that all citations are out of the Book of Cain.

Some of what I am going to say could be construed as a spoiler, so if you wish to remain ignorant and enjoy Diablo 3 when it is released please stop reading NOW.

Of course, why are you in THIS FORUM if you thought that???

Okay, here goes.
Tyrael and the destruction of the Worldstone
It is quite well known that Tyrael is the maverick of the Angiris Council. He has often acted in patronage to Humanity and, despite the assertions made by Cain in his writings that Tyrael is always impartial, I feel he views humanity as the favored son of creation. In acting on the behalf of Humanity, he acts alone with regard to the rest of the council. For this reason the Angiris Council is unlikely to be aware of many of Tyrael's actions, and was likely barely tolerating him in the whole.

The events of the Dark Wander that took place in Diablo 2 and even the events pertaining to the Dark Exile are completely unknown to the majority of heaven's angels, save Tyrael himself and those who follow him. I say this because of Cain's following quote on the aftermath of the Dark Exile: "Knowing that the Sin War had resulted in the sparing of humankind by a margin of one vote, Tyrael did not dare inform the Angiris Council that the powers of Hell now threatened to corrupt humanity once again" (Page 87). This is relevant because the council has no knowledge of Tyrael's actions combating the Primes, including the Horadrim and the use of soulstones against the Three. This ends when the Worldstone is destroyed by Tyrael.

The single most important event regarding Tyrael is his act in destroying the Worldstone. The Worldstone is known to act as a kind of buffer between the ethereal (Heaven and Hell) and the realm of Sanctuary. When the Worldstone was destroyed there was an immediate cataclysmic explosion that would have ravaged Tyrael's form in sanctuary. Because of the negating effect of the Worldstone its explosion would have violently cast Tyrael's spirit back into the ethereal realm, probably back into heaven. I do not think that he would have gone to the abyss like Baal because he was not destroyed by the player characters first, but you could make the argument that the explosion could have done that. I do not think that Tyrael would have been affected by corruption from the Worldstone, because the corruption within the Worldstone was not yet manifest. Also, because angels are made of "light and sound" (page 41), the only physical things for shards to contact would be his armor and weapon making it difficult for him to be embedded with one. The theory itself still remains speculative, but I find it doubtful.

When the Worldstone is destroyed the dynamic between heaven, hell, and sanctuary is forever altered. Tyrael's act in destroying the Worldstone would not have gone unnoticed by Heaven, as Tyrael himself must have suffered greatly from the explosion. Baal's presence and attempt at corrupting the Worldstone would not necessarily be noticed because there is little evidence left behind to see it. Tyrael would not inform Heaven of Baal's role fearing it would cause Heaven to see Humanity as being weaponized by the Primes, and then take action against Sanctuary. Tyrael's compassion for Humanity will be his downfall.

It is ironic that justice shall fall upon the Angel of Justice. Heaven is forced to take action against Tyrael for his act in destroying the Worldstone. Worse yet, if the council found out about the Soulstone plot and the complete events of the Dark Exile and Dark Wanderer, Tyrael would be even more guilty of deceiving the rest of the council. For his recklessness and the destruction of an object desired so fiercely by Heaven, Tyrael would be cast down. This act would indicate Tyrael as being the falling star. It is interesting to note that angelic influence, just like demonic, causes the dead to rise (page 19). The presence of undead and other evil near Tristram during the falling star event could not be used as evidence against the Tyrael-meteor theory, and instead indirectly supports the theory of an angel being cast down from heaven.

The destruction of the Worldstone would force the Angiris Council to consider recent events and decide on a course of action. Led by Imperius and likely backed by Malthael with his new dark demeanor (page51) , the council would vote for intervention in Sanctuary. The absence of Tyrael's deciding voice would cause the vote to pass. Auriel would vote against because here is little bright outlook in slaughter; Itherael would similarly vote against because Mankind would no longer be able to determine their own destiny, which greatly intrigues him because he knows everything else and yet cannot know mortal destiny. The vote would prompt an invasion of Sanctuary by heaven with the intent to eradicate all mankind. The end of days is surely approaching.
Prophecy of the end of days
Here is the Prophecy of the End of Days (page 6).

...And, at the End of Days, Wisdom shall be lost //Indicates start of prophecy//
as Justice falls upon the world of men.
Valor shall turn to Wrath-
and all Hope will be swallowed by Despair.
Death, at last, shall spread its wings over all-
as Fate lies shattered forever. //Indicates end of prophecy//

I take the words Wisdom, Justice, Valor, Hope, Death, and Fate to be direct references to the Angiris Council. Note that every two lines in the prophecy ends with a period, indicating that they are relevant to one another.

...And, at the End of Days, Wisdom shall be lost
Wisdom : Malthael - He has mysteriously vanished from the council. This, above all else, indicates that the prophecy of the End of Days has begun. Malthael later returns as the Angel of Death (below). The council is also acting foolishly in banishing Tyrael, hence the loss of wisdom.

as Justice falls upon the world of men.
Justice : Tyrael - As stated above, Tyrael is the falling star and literally falls upon the world of men. A second meaning is that humanity is about to endure a beating.

Valor shall turn to Wrath-
Valor : Imperius - Imperius already has a beef with Tyrael and his voting in favor of saving Sanctuary after the Sin War. Now Tyrael is out of the council (see above) and Imperius takes it upon himself to fill his role. The combination of valor (heroism) and justice (not quite true justice, more like vigilantism) is Wrath. Imperius decides humanity no better than hell and must be destroyed.

and all Hope will be swallowed by Despair.
Hope : Auriel - Auriel is the mother in the council. She believes that all events can lead to healing and joy. Except the wanton slaughter of innocents. She has a problem with that, and despairs at the carnage. In addition things are going to get very bad on Sanctuary, with seemingly no way to stop the endless tide of death. It is also interesting to note the use of the verb 'swallowed'. Could this mean the death of Auriel at the hands of one who embodies despair?

Death, at last, shall spread its wings over all-
Death : Malthael (again) - Malthael returns as the Angel of Death, and joins Imperius in the annihilation of the denizens of Sanctuary. In Malthael's absence after the destruction of the Worldstone he would have gone to peer into his Chalice of Wisdom to decide how best to proceed. The cup, filled from the Pools of Wisdom, would telegraph the emotions of all sentient beings in the universe for that moment (page 51). If the sum-total of emotions is that of agony and death, such as when Angels and Demons are slaying all they can find, it seems likely that Malthael will also exhibit those traits as well. The words "at last" also suggest that an event long awaited comes to pass. As to what that is I can only speculate. If the fabled singular Prime evil (Baphestablo, for lack of a better name) does come into existence with the trait of death (we fear it, we hate it, it ends all), this line would also be its revelation to the world.

as Fate lies shattered forever.
Fate : Itherael - With the birth of the Nephalem, Itherael already has great difficulty foreseeing the future. Now chaos prevails and the Nephalem hang in the balance. This could be the demise of Itherael, but I take it to be that from the End of Days onward no prophecy or prediction can be true. Mortal choice, and likely humanity as a whole, prevails.
Cain is the last of the Horadrim and the lore-man of the series. Nearly everything we know comes from this man. It is believed by many that he is or was replaced by Belial, Lord of Lies. I disagree with this theory in its entirety. In the Diablo games we have conversed with many characters, all who attest to a learned and wise lore master. We know that Belial seeks to dominate all reality and cause others to fail in their ambitions. A Cain-Belial would not be in a position to influence many people; he could only influence a few would-be heroes who happen to run into him because he is always at the wrong place at the wrong time, caught up in the events of the past 20 game years. Belial has an agenda to complete with his lies and would impersonate someone far more influential than scholar predicting the end of the world, such as a politician or regal figure. And while yes, the big lie is the lie that you can get away with, there is too much evidence against this theory for it to be viable. While I disagree with the theory it is still one of my favorite, despite the fact that it was pretty much already done in Hellgate London. The only reason I can see for Beliel to impersonate Cain is to fool the player, who doesn't even exist in Sanctuary so why would that be more desirable than the most powerful man in Sanctuary?

I also suspect that the mortal Deckard Cain will die early in Diablo 3, such as late act 1. I say this because he hints that he is going to die soon everywhere in Book of Cain and he was already ancient 20 years ago in Diablo 1. In terms of character-building for Leah it would also be the most compelling. Still, pure speculation.

Leah is the offspring of the witch Adria and, presumably, the Dark Wanderer hero Aiden. As of Cain's heavily hinted passing she is to be the last of the Horadrim. Cain believes Leah is to have a pivotal role to play in saving Sanctuary. He is right. New characters always have a reason! Leah is to play a role very similar to Cain's own role in the previous games: lore master. Leah goes further than Cain; I believe Leah begins to manifest Nephalem powers. I say this because the Worldstone is now destroyed and her father was tainted by demonic possession by Diablo himself. Without the Worldstone to inhibit Nephalem and the recent 'ethereal' (angel/demon) ancestry, and knowing how the first Nephalem came to be, it is not a difficult jump to reach the conclusion that Leah begins to manifest these powers.

Before this can happen, however, Leah must grow as a character. She begins as a young skeptic learned in legends, myths, and archeology and is thrust in the worst situation imaginable. Her story is told as a classic reluctant hero who loses her mentor (Cain) and with the help of friends (us!) succeeds in averting total disaster.

There is a theory out there that since Leah is sort-of the spawn of Diablo that she is a prime target for possession by him. I would say this is not the case, because Diablo wants the host with the greatest amount of power. A frightened 20 year old girl is not high on the priority list. What is high on the list is the power Diablo's brothers or one of the Angiris Council wield. We have no idea if this is possible and with the Worldstone destroyed we are also unsure if this is necessary. I cannot speculate further on that topic. Whatever the case, Leah would be more desirable a candidate if she were to exhibit Nephalem powers, so if that does happen the theory is still on.

Edit: This section (Leah possession by Diablo) is further discussed in comments below.
Zoltun Kulle
The only information we have about Zoltun Kulle is from the Book of Cain. We know he was one of the Horadrim who hunted the Three. We know "Zoltun Kulle was a mage of the highest order within the Ennead mage clan, almost certainly a master of alchemy, alteration, and transmutation" (page 88). This statement makes it clear that he was an incredibly powerful and skilled mage.

There is a controversy concerning Kulle. Official accounts say that "Baal hurled a devastating spell at Tal Rasha, shattering the Amber Soulstone" (page 91). As we know, the end result is that Tal Rasha became the prison for Baal and was later embodied the Lord of Destruction, augmenting him with the awesome magic's he had known in life. Another account suggests that it was actually Kulle who broke the Amber Soulstone, not Baal. It is said that his " properly handle the stone in battle that led to its breaking". It seems that Cain himself suspects Kulle because he writes a note: " Leah, I am aware of the texts which state that Tal Rasha offered this suggestion (of using a mortal heart to serve as a kind of Soulstone), but after much research, I believe Kulle's role here was downplayed for reasons that will become more obvious when you read (his section)". Kulle may have been operating under his own motives, or perhaps even for the Primes themselves.

I suspect that Kulle broke the Soulstone so as to unlock the secrets of the great artifact to further his own research and goals. I say this because after the Horadrim disbanded following the capture of the Three, Kulle "became obsessed with soulstones, and believed that he could create one of his own" (page 94). His supposed goal was to "create a Black Soulstone to serve as a replacement for his own black and empty heart". Such a soulstone would be as powerful among soulstones as the Nephalem are among men. I cannot help but wonder if his goal was to use such an artifact in order to obtain the massive power of the Nephalem. Kulle was hunted down and executed for his thirsts and multiple archives destroyed, but I cannot help but wonder how much survived and if he was actually successful in creating a Black Soulstone. If such a soulstone exists it is quite likely to be imperative to the plans of the Three. It could be that they required a mortal to craft such an artifact imbued with the powers of the Nephalem (see Black Soulstone below) and recruited Zoltun Kulle to their cause.

Black Soulstone
While the Black Soulstone is not referenced directly in the Book of Cain, it is mentioned under The Hunt for Zoltun Kulle and by Azmodan in a Diablo 3 movie featuring the artifact. Azmodan seeks it and its power, convinced that it is key to dominating all creation. I suspect that the Black Soulstone contains all the power and essence of the Nephalem, as it is a "vessel capable of harnessing the essences of both angels and demons" (page 94), which is similar to the Nephalem who wield the powers of both heaven and hell. I think Kulle, either acting for himself or for another such as the Prime Evils, was successful in creating the Black Soulstone. Azmodan learns of it and enters Sanctuary, determined to obtain and corrupt it. I believe this is how he would intend to gain power over the Nephalem, and therefore come to dominate all of creation.

From the movie it is clear that Azmodan believes Leah has possession of the Black Soulstone. Indeed we saw the stone resting among the various writings in her possession. I think the stone was likely obtained by the Horadrim when they killed Kulle. If they determined what it was and were unable to destroy it (the other soulstones were destroyed upon the Hellforge itself, so the Black Soulstone may be similar in requirement) they would have vowed to keep it hidden and protected for as long as they had strength. Because the stone was with the writings in the monastery and we also know that they were abandoned to avoid the falling star, it is likely that the heroes in Diablo 3 will have to recover the stone early in the game. It is possible that when the heroes finally find the fallen star (presumably Tyrael, as stated above) they will also recover the Black Soulstone.
The Stranger
Do we know anything of this person? He is mentioned once in Cain's letter to Leah on page 6 and that's it. So much speculation, so little time! Evidentially it is "becoming more and more clear who the Stranger in our midst truly is" and he has paid dearly for the "sacrifice he must have made". With these two scant bits of evidence it is nearly impossible to draw a conclusion. Is he mortal? Is he angel? Is he a known person from lore? If I had to make a guess I would say Uldyssian only because he made the ultimate sacrifice already. But if he is dead, how can he be with Cain? Another guess is Tyrael for his (presumed) sacrifice for mankind. This is less likely, because as of the writing of the book of Cain he would not have been cast down from heaven (speculation from above theories) and therefore not sacrificed anything for mankind. Speculate onward!

Edit: In Cain's epilogue he talks about the fallen star and his near-death experiences in the cathedral. This means that the Stranger could in fact be Tyrael.

I would like to thank you, reader, for viewing what I have to say. I especially thank you for your patience and interest, assuming you really did read everything above. We are all eager for the release of Diablo 3 and I hope my insight and the following discussion will provide sufficient distraction from the gnawing upon our souls from this prolonged wait. Above all else, try to enjoy the wait. (Yes, really.) When Diablo 3 is finally released we lose all known topics to speculate about.
Led by Imperius and likely backed by Malthael with his new dark demeanor (page51)

What dark demeanor?

And what "Stranger" are you talking about exactly? What did he do?
"Reports suggest....Malthael's demeanor has darkened over time, and that his voice has become chilling and provoke thoughts of foreboding and feelings of angst" (page 51). This indicates a change in Malthael. When the change is complete I postulate that he will have become the angel of death.

The stranger has not actually been talked about at all, other than Cain mentioning him in his opening letter. He has done nothing yet other than supposedly sacrificed much.

"I use the example of the Stranger, who came to us so recently. It's becoming more and more clear who the stranger in our midst truly is, and the sacrifice he must have made" (page 6). That is all that is ever mentioned of him. It's like blizzard wanted him out there so they can jump out with his identity and say 'surprise'.

Hope this clears everything up, DarkSpell. Thanks for the reply.
ARGHHHH!!! I just typed a massive response to how awesome this thread is and my own theories behind it and it just got deleted :( SO pissed....
Let's try this again because i love discussing these things. Ill try to paraphrase my thoughts so i dont type forever again.

Love the thread, I agree with a lot of your conclusions. I especially agree with the one on the end prophecy.

Another guess is Tyrael for his (presumed) sacrifice for mankind. This is less likely, because as of the writing of the book of Cain he would not have been cast down from heaven (speculation from above theories) and therefore not sacrificed anything for mankind. Speculate onward!

This part is actually incredibly possible. In the epilogue letter to Leah at the end of the book Cain specifically talks about the Falling Star landing on the Cathedral and casting him into its depths. Also, he states that he feels as though he left a part of himself down there, which obviously means hes out of the cathedral and is writing this after being rescued. So in the theorem of the Falling Star being Tyrael (which i agree with) then he very well could be the Stranger mentioned by Cain.

The Leah part I have to disagree with. My reasoning behind it is this. Mankind is descended from the Nephalem and in part all of mankind has a hidden dormant power hidden within themselves. This is discussed by Cain in many parts of the book as people seeing the potential power within humans etc etc. Now there are multiple points where this has been altered. Inarius with his corruption of the worldstone (weakening man). Uldyssian with his altering of the Worldstone (unlocking mans dormant power too quickly) Uldyssian sacrificing himself to reset the Worldstone (resetting it to even before Inarius altered it therefore allowing mans powers to no longer be weakened but not to be restored too quickly). This last bit allowed for the heroes of the Diablo series that we know and love. Our Characters. Without our powers being weakend we are able (through a long a difficult journey) awaken our abilities to slay even the Prime Evils. So Leah being a Nephaelem through the union of Adria and Aidan would be a little redundant. (again all my own theories so it is still possible)

I am of the line of thinking that she has a relationship with Diablo. One that she doesnt know about. Diablo was the Lord of Terror but he was not completely arrogant. He knew there was potential for his journey to fail. This is evidenced in the fact that he constantly had demonic forces helping defend his trail as to slow down any pursuing heroes. I am sure with as wise as he was that he would have had a contingency plan in case he failed and was destroyed. This contingency plan was Leah. Leah would be his tether back into the mortal realm if he was ever destroyed and cast into the Abyss. By mating with Adria while possessing Aidan, he was able to leave behind a small part of his essence that would allow him to do this. I even like the theory that Adria is actually Lilith and that she was in Tristram to watch over the events of Diablo and when seeing that he possessed Aidan wanted to help him on his journey. Cain even said that she was the only one to console him, and who could better console a Demon possessed man then a Demon disguised woman.

Sorry if some of my thoughts arent entirely clear. I literally had twice as much stuff typed out before but it got deleted when i hit preview...forgot to save it. Anyway i love lore discussion and speculation so please let me know your thoughts and i will happily be checking this thread.

Edit: just had to add a little something. I just rewatched both the cinematic trailers after finishing the book of cain and so many little hints were placed in those trailers. Deckard Cain is definitely dead after Act 1 maybe early Act 2. Leah gets frustrated when learning about the Black Soulstone and says she cant see it uncle what should she be looking for as if asking for guidance from him despite being the only one there. (lots of people do this with passed loved ones or role models in movies, books, etc.) Also I think there is a lot of double meaning in the Black Soulstone trailer that further pushed me to believing that Leah has something to do with Diablo. The way Azmodan talks to her is quite personal despite her just being another being. He talks as if she has some deeper knowledge on a subject that she would know nothing about if she didnt have something else going on with her. Its still a little scattered in my head but basically i think Diablo had a master plan to become THE Prime Evil and that the Black Soulstone is the key to that as well as getting his brothers banished to The Abyss.
Bauldur, thank you so much for a well-written and informed response.

You are certainly correct about Diablo being pragmatic and establishing backup plans in case his master plan fails. I definitely agree with this sentiment and in that light, Leah could indeed be his backup plan. I allow that this could be the case if Leah did manifest nephalem powers. Where we differ is that I think the contingency is based on possibility (or probability that a demonic influence on her ancestry would act as a stimulant for nephalem powers), while you believe it is simply a backup plan to get back into the mortal world and out of the abyss, which is the key part that I agree with for your line of thinking.

Perhaps Diablo doesn't need a host with such powers. After all, he did quite well with Aiden as a host, and Leah has strength of a different sort. Diablo himself would definite augment any individual to a frighteningly powerful height. Look what he did with Prince Albrecht. Certainly your theory has merit.

Also, you mentioned Cain's epilogue letter and his mentioning his experience with the meteor. I forgot that this was in the book and thank you for bringing it up. The stranger definitely could be Tyrael. Since Cain speaks with something less than certainty it is likely that Tyrael is in disguise, if it is indeed him at all. I appreciate your insight into the D3 movies regarding Leah speaking of Cain as if he was recently departed. I will have to go watch them again with that mindset. From what I remember this could certainly be the case!
I just had a thought: what if Diablo can perceive everything Leah does because part of his essence is within her? This would explain why Azmodan spoke to Leah in the way he does in the Black Soulstone cinematic; Azmodan is speaking directly to Diablo, not Leah. Leah is the perfect spy, being inherently close to Deckard Cain last of the Horadrim, the only mortal agency (other than the heroes...Nephalem) ever risen to thwart him. Diablo knows about Cain through Aiden and also why he was tormented so when Tristram was destroyed. Later Leah would also serve as a spy who is able to keep tabs on the heroes who thwarted Diablo the first time so they would not do so again.

I just re-watched the Black Soulstone cinematic. When Azmodan is speaking to Leah (Diablo) I think he must be talking about Diablo's plan to become the One Prime Evil; to absorb the powers of the other prime and lesser evils into him. (One by one their brethren falling into his trap.) I had just a suspicion before, but the statements make the most sense this way.

What do you think?
That makes perfect sense. That is exactly along the line I was thinking, albeit I totally didnt think about the part where Diablo could use the Black Soulstone to absorb his brothers into himself. I was thinking maybe he just wanted them out of the way so he could be the only one in charge but since the Black Soulstone allows for the Harnessing of the both angels and demons, maybe it can hold more then one soul and he could then harvest the strongest souls from both sides and then use the stone to gain unimaginable power.

I completely agree that Azmodan is talking to Diablo through Leah. I was so frustrated with my early text being erased that i was in a hurry to put all that stuff in that i forgot to flesh out all my thoughts on it. Just the way he addresses her seems way to familiar, like a relationship between friends or rivals not between a demon and a human. Her being a spy through which Diablo could keep tabs on the events going on would allow him to make sure that his ultimate plan is coming to fruition.

I think Leah is her own person and is unknowing that she contains some of Diablo's essence and so I think that is why Deckard Cain thinks she is so important. She will eventually have to make a decision to change the fate of Sanctuary by either giving into the demonic essence or by fighting it just like he suggests Aidan did in the final battle with Diablo in D2. (according to the book of cain excerpt.

Also, after doing some searching around the forums I found a couple of links to reasoning behind the Tyrael issue. Some of them are spoilers (datamined information or slowing down of the video) but it is really quite interesting and nothing too spoiling.

If interested let me know and ill write out what i found. Otherwise i dont wanna spoil anything that was gained through searching through the code.

I thoroughly enjoyed the book of cain though. Really opened my eyes to a lot of information that was kind of pieced out. Although i liked before how Diablo was about your character and taking down Diablo, I like that they fleshed out the overall story to be much deeper and more intricate.

I cant wait to blast some angels and demons in the fight for Sanctuary!
Interesting stuff, folks.

Does anyone have a theory regarding Adria and her motives?

Lilith must be involved somewhere along the way. My theory regarding Adria harkens back to the OP's idea that Leah, being the daughter of Aiden the Dark Wanderer (and Diablo) may manifest Nephalem powers through the story.

Backstory on Adria is vague, at best. She seemed to have shown up in Tristram and disappeared just as quickly. Thoughts on Adria (Lilith?) manipulating Aiden (and Diablo by extension) into helping her to create a super-charged Nephalem (Leah?), similar to how she manipulated Uldyssian?
I mentioned earlier that i think Adria is Lilith and that she was there to provide a backup plan for Diablo. Originally I think she was in the city because as the daughter of Mephisto her realized that he was corrupting the Zakarum and Archbishop Lazarus was a member of the Zakarum. So she came to the city to see what he was up to and found out that Diablo was buried beneath the monastery in Tristram. She could have known this all along but I am not sure the amount of knowledge she would be able to ascertain while being banished. When she saw that Aidan was troubled and probably recognized in him that he was battling Diablo (most angels and demons have the ability to sense each other even in alternate forms) she realized that she could regain some trust with Diablo and help him have a contingency plan or maybe even help with his ACTUAL plan. (saying that his original plan was not to just free his brothers but have them get trapped in soulstones and then released the eliminated so that he could be the Prime Evil through the creation of the Black Soulstone)

Pure speculation as not much is known about Adria or Leah, but after having done a lot of research I am pretty positive on some of these conclusions. 95% sure Leah is connected with Diablo, 50% sure Adria is Lilith (although i know there is some betrayal with her involved I am not sure what she truly is but Lilith seems most likely) 85% sure that Diablo had a secondary plan that was his true intentions aside from releasing his brothers and causing chaos. (I really believe he is trying to become THE PRIME Evil just not sure how he can do it if his brothers are int he Abyss)

Again my theories on the Nephalem are that all human beings are nephalem still but just incredibly weakened through dilutions of the bloodlines. We all have the potential to become what Uldyssian became just not as quickly and it takes lots of "experience" to become that powerful. Also i think Leah would have had her powers Manifest by now if that was Liliths intent but I think it was more that she was trying to help Diablo.
I'm trying to refrain from making any guesses as to where and what Lilith is doing because we have absolutely no new information about her. The Adria-Lilith theory is quite good, but I find myself asking if Lilith would really want to serve as a vendor for the Diablo 1 game. It is not impossible, as it would help her build ties and position herself (lol). It would make sense for her to be present in Tristram in some guise during that time. The theory also explains why she took Gillian with her; she had no intention to raise a child and needed a good parent present. Yes even a demon and especially the most motherly of demons would care about that stuff if it means the plan coming to fruition. She did give birth to Mankind after all.
Black SoulstoneWhile the Black Soulstone is not referenced in the Book of Cain,

Actually, it is.

Page 94.
Rainarya you are correct. I even referenced it while talking about it. However, I believe my line of thinking was that it was not specifically discussed. It was talked about a bit in The Hunt for Zolton Kulle (94 as you said) but nothing more than intentions believed by the Horadrim.
Wow......great post...and some very interesting conculsions there :) I think you may have something there :)

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