How soon is "check back soon!!!!"

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How come when I want to look up unique items it says to come back soon to see item stats!!!! I have been doing this for weeks on weeks and you would think anything put in exclamation points would mean soon enough to check back tomorrow, or in a few days. Since when does "check back soon" mean "check it out right before release"
I think they added the "soon" conotation to the items, because for a while there they did have stats on unique and set items. Blizzard also said that the stats were just "place holder" stats and did not actually reflect the stats that would be on the item come release. So of course a lot of people started complaining about the stats on the uniques and rares because they didn't feel like they were adequate enough, so blizz finally just removed all the stats until they could safely say that the items that are on the website are the final version.
01/30/2012 02:08 PMPosted by Lazix
"Soon" really should file a restraining order against Blizzard.

Why? Its not like they ever come close anyways.
We probably won't see real stats in them until release, or just before it, possibly once we get a release date they will pop up just shortly before. But since they just announced a bunch of changes, it's going to change things. This is one of the things they are most certainly working on right now is re itemizing the stats and such on gear, because we'll be doing a great deal more damage now at end game because our health is increased, and thus so will the health of monsters, and the easiest way to compensate our damage for this increase is with the gear, most directly with weapons but also with affixes.

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